dance floor

On the dance floor!

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Aries on the dance floor likes to show off some of their sick moves.

Taurus on the dance floor is on the hunt for a dance partner.

Gemini just wants to have fun on the dance floor.

Cancer moves like a cyclone on the dance floor and usually respects others space but is also an adaptable dance partner.

Leo is in the center of a group of people dancing or gets right up in the front by the DJ!

Virgo can be shy on the dance floor but still loves to goof off and dance with friends.

Libra likes to sing and dance on the dance floor! They are always down to put their hands up.

Scorpio is on the prowl for hotties on the dance floor and knows that they have great moves.

Sagittarius lives in the moment on the dance floor.

Capricorn does whatever they think looks the best on the dance floor.

Aquarius likes to get crazy on the dance floor.

Pisces DGAF when they are on the dance floor.