dance extinction

Not only did I fall hard for Orlando Higginbottom’s flamboyant headdresses and irresistible dance music back in 2010, but I also fell in love with his production moniker, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. I mean, how do you even come up with a name as epic as that, and one involving dinosaurs, which I happen to have been obsessed with as a young girl? Household Goods will always be one of my favorite dance tracks. The moment those familiar chords hit, I just break out in a smile. Oh where, oh where have you gone lately, T-E-E-D? I can only pray that Orlando is fast at work with some brilliant new tunes. In the meantime, Canadian producer UNBLOOM affords us a wonderful return to Household Goods by giving it a celestial sparkling remix. This future flickering take on classic T-E-E-D is sheer bliss and a generous end of year gift to help us transition into the new year. UNBLOOM promises big things to come in 2017. We look forward with great anticipation. 

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