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Simple Adventures

So, more bragging from me! I did not choreograph this short dance film, but I am the soloist! My dear friend Morgan Embry created the work for her Choreography project this summer. She also got her roommates to compose the song for her! So cool!!!!

This piece was about minimalism and the point was for me to strictly do simple movement. So if you don’t ‘get it’ don’t worry because there’s nothing 'to get’. 

This dance was a lot of fun and really showcased my strength (I think anyways) and what is even funnier is the fact I broke my toenail in the very first take…. yup. Just completely sliced it off on the fabric of the couch!

Hope you enjoy!!!!

My principal says I can't spend my money.

It still bothers me that Chamber/Symphony orchestra has been denied the opportunity to go on a small trip because apparently, students aren’t allowed to pay any money for anything. IMC worked their butts off making all of these fundraisers (thank you guys), and a lot of us attended and helped raise money towards the costs. Then all of a sudden we were told that the trip was cancelled because, even though the trip is COMPLETELY voluntary, students shouldn’t be paying anything. I don’t understand the big deal. It’s not like anyone said, “HEY YOU HAVE TO PAY $250 FOR THIS AND THAT OR ELSE”

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College Is Amazing

Seriously, I cannot get over how wonderful this dance department is. This morning I was having a rough ballet class. Things just weren’t working out the way I wanted them to. My teacher was giving me corrections but my body wouldn’t accept them. I was growing increasingly frustrated and upset. After class my teacher pulled me aside and told me not to get so mad at myself. She said, “Don’t get so upset, I need you.” I was speechless and close to tears, I cannot believe how wonderful these teachers are! After she said that she gave me a hug and kiss and sent me off to pointe class. I love this dance department <3