dance central: glitch


Me dancing somebody that i used to know

silly glitch headcanons:

he used to be a hella rad ball room dancer until he turned 14 and asked his parents if he can go into breakdancing. and his parents were chill with it and Mo was his mentor.

Glitch’s real name is Hyun-ki which means “clear” in Korean.

Also he’s also huge Online RPG nerd. He likes Maple Story, Elsword, and Grand Chase. He’s like a SSS Rank Fighter in the Arena in those games and is a Guild Leader. Mo makes fun of him for being such a huge nerd at heart.

His parents don’t understand half of the street lingo he uses.

And when Glitch is angry he mutters phrases and swear words in korean.



Some DC spotlight doodles! 

Now that i’ve drawn him, I appreciate how Glitch seems to age up as the games go on. I REALLY like Hi -Def’s designs this time around (especially Mo’s hot damn)

Aubrey reminds me of a theater kid and then I ended up drawing the 3 concept only girls ;v; 

but yeah, looking forward to Spotlight coming out even if i cant play it. Get hyped everyone! :D