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Decisions made for PAX cosplay

But first, look at this unfortunate still I landed upon while trying to make DC3 screen grabs…

External image

Yup, after ranting about my decision to go as Emilia a la the 2000s (if Harmonix ever decided to release full Riptide footage in ample time before the con) I took one look at their time travel video and am now calling it on a Lima suit.

Tiny little suit jacket is too adorable!

Main problems I now face:

. I hate those earrings

. I have short-ass hair

. I hate having long/fake nails (makes going to the bathroom awkward)

. I will be the luckiest devil if I find a pair of shoes to match hers.

Here, have another picture of my now second favourite crew!

External image

Bah I love them both so much! They’re like a dancing Mulder and Scully!