dance central 1

i just had to take advantage of the dlc sale in dc so i bought a lot of songs

I Gotta Feeling - love it , and got goosebumps at the first time because it reminded me of how I loved this song when i was in grade school

Closer - definitely felt the Mo-swag so yeah

Commander - didn’t regret buying this because it was so fun and it makes me hyper for some reason 

Control - i’m not sure why but I’m kinda regretting i bought this because the routine was too too fast (might be even faster than Let It Roll routine T_T)

D.A.N.C.E - had so much fun with this song , i’m more of a robotic dancer so I really loved the routine plus points with the catchiness of the song

Disturbia - oww damn , did it like a girl

Escapade - not to be bragging but I gold starred it the first time (probably because of watching it always in youtube) , i didn’t find it quite catchy at first though , but while dancing, i really like the song now

Nasty - !!!! this routine was just too awesome and sassy for me because i dunno.. miss aubrey *drools*

Heard'em All - kinda reminded me of Dip It Low but still it was catchy and funny dancing it 

Hello Good Morning - I FINALLY got this dlc. I;ve been wanting this dlc since I had no more points. And definitely fits Bodie and Glitch :D

La La Land - i have to say its cute and fun

Only Girl In the World - only got nices and X’s and only flawless on the chorus part (cuz its my favorite part :DD) then eventually died after

I Got You Dancing - the dance routine was easy despite it being 7/7 (my opinion) but I guess you really have to do it EXACTLY how the dancer does it (dc1 times were stricter before about doing the exact movements)

Replay - fits Glitch

Round and Round - died… laughing

Spice Up Your Life - funny xD

Super Freak - it was okay lol