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Pennywise: “It was real enough for Georgie”


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Lets take a moment to imagine exo members's reactions to using/finding out IG
  • Kris: Oh damn this app is absolutely my freaking Canadian style yo lemme post some photos of my shoes and video of me dancing swaggie betches
  • Luhan: OMG this is so great i can follow Angela Baby and GD sunbaenim lalala Baozi lets use it
  • Xiumin: ok wutever /download IG and then forget about it
  • Zitao: Goddddd i finally have a place to share the pictures of me walking alone on the beach they would be really romantic bbyung bbyung
  • Chanyeol: MUST.SPREAD.THE.HAPPINESS.-andfollowDara
  • Baekhyun: Chanyeol has an IG? MUST.HAVE.ONE.TO.POST.GAY.PHOTOS.TAKEN.WITH.HIM.andfollowTaeyeonsunbaenimtoo
  • Sehun: it looks fun tho I am gonna show them my diamond snapback
  • Kai: IG wouldnt be able to handle my porn photos
  • Suho: Can I buy it?
  • Chen: maybe i shud secretly have one and follow those trolling fans' accounts
  • Yixing: i'm gonna use it to follow hyungs and communicate w our lovely fans /ends up forgeting about his intention
  • Kyungsoo: no

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RE: what to do about a prom date. easy solution: go solo. out dance all the other betches. steal their dates on the dance floor. fin.