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♫A dancy mix to play video games to♫

★1. She - Atomic ★2. Pon Pon Pon - Remix ★3. Sinnoh Game Corner Remix - GlitchxCity ★4. Down, B, Up, B - Harrison ★5. Jet Set Wario - CMCroom the DJ Hero ★6. Blackout City - Anamanaguchi  ★7. 8 Bit Adventure - AdhesiveWombat  ★8. Sweet Future Funky Stuff - FrankJavCee  ★9. Ichi No Yoru X -  コンシャスTHOUGHTS - 鮎川 まどか  ★10. Bubblegum K.K. - SSB4  ★11. My Skateboard Will Go On - Anamanaguchi  ★12. All Night - Icona Pop  ★13. Splatoon Credits - Splatoon OST


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For the 900 followers special: Kaminari!

(Good request, anon~)

Kaminari Denki:

What they smell like:

  • As he wants to always be impressive to the others around him, Kaminari has that specific clean smell, combined with a sweet cologne that does not attack your smell buds.

How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):

  • It is such a pain to share a bed with Kaminari. He cannot sleep in one single position, shifting and moving all through the night, his limbs being thrown all around in weird poses.
  • Sometimes, when he’s not fully in the REM phase, his body might start acting what he’s dreaming, so he suddenly sits up while his eyes are closed or accidentally kicks.

What music they enjoy:

  • Kaminari is not pretentious when it comes to music and he’s pretty chill about most music. I think that Jirou had an influence on some of his favourite tunes, so he sometimes fluctates towards either some sweer rock/metal, techno or electric.

How much time they spend getting ready every morning:

  • If he has to wake up early, Denki drags his feet all morning while he does his routine. He spends most of his time on arranging his hair though. He’s always got a bad case of bed head.

Their favorite thing to collect:

  • Kaminari has a tendency of starting collections every time he finds something cool. That’s why he probably he has like 100 different collections, from rad looking rocks, to stamps and even napkins.

Left or right-handed:

  • Right handed, but he can scribble with his left hand if he needs to.

Favorite sport:

  • I see Kaminari kicking ass at table tennis. He is quick and always saves the ball last moment. He can also trick his oponent in thinking the ball will miss the table, but hits the corner last moment.

Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):

  • This boy is so impressionable. He will want to take pictures of all the top touristic locations and buy as many souvenirs as possible to keep them as a memory from his trip.

Favorite kind of weather:

  • He likes rainy weather, when the rain drops are gently beating against his window and he can engulf himself in a good book, wrapped in blankets and with some hot chocolate by his side.

A weird/obscure fear they have:

  • Kaminari rarely takes baths because he is afraid his quirk will suddenly activate and he will electrocute himself. He also tries to keep his showers short.

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

  • If you want to fail miserably and be at Denki’s mercy, challenge him at any dancing arcade game. He will totally destroy you.

[Feel free to send me a character for the 900 event~]

Home Sweet Home - Nylah Sato

Going back to normal for Nylah means rolling out the new Good Timers. An awesome new place called Funkytown Bowling Arcade opened up in Newcrest, and Nylah has been itching to try it out.

It’s not only a bowling alley, it has a dance floor, arcade games, a bar and a karaoke machine!

The new Good Timers seem to really like the place, which helps Nylah settle into her role as club leader.

“I like what you’re doing with the club,” Candy confides one day. “I love Windenburg, but honestly, the club scene can get a little stale. You’ve really brought new life to the Good Timers.”

Getting compliments from Candy can still make Nylah blush, even if they’re only about clubs.

She and Candy also see each other socially now and then. It’s harder than Nylah anticipated to remember that they can’t be more than friends.

Bringing a mortal into her life just isn’t fair.

Unless Candy wants to become a vampire, of course. Maybe she should bring it up.

But what if Candy rejects vampirism–and Nylah?

She wrestles with her feelings, but keeps choosing caution over romance.

(Laura’s Notes: Funkytown Bowling Arcade by Corwim.)