dance academy confessions

DANCE ACADEMY TAG (created by dance-academy-confessions)

1. Favorite female character and why? Kat. She’s fun and out-going

2. Favorite male character and why? Christian, he has an amazing personality and he’s funny and caring

3: Season 1, 2 or 3? Season 1

4. Tara/Christian or Tara/Ben? Tara/Ben i like Kat/Christian

5. Favourite episode? All of them? I can’t decide

6. Favourite friendship? Kat and Sammy

7. Describe Dance Academy in three words. Amazing, Entertaining, Fun

8. If you were a fictional character in Dance Academy, what would you probably be doing and what life do you think you would have? I’d be a hip hop dancer and I’d have a lot of friends (like kat and tara) 

9. Christian/Tara or Christian/Kat? Christian/Kat:)

10. Why do you love Dance Academy? Because as a dancer it represents the struggles and hardships of trying youre best at what youre good at. 

11. Which character would you like to be best friends with? Which character would you like to be siblings with? Which character would you like to be dating? Best friends with Kat, Tara as a sister, I’d love to date Chritstian.

12. Favorite dance performed on Dance Academy?  Kat and the showcase season 2

13. Which cast member from Dance Academy would you like to meet? Kat

14. What have you learnt from watching Dance Academy? If a teacher is being harder than they should, dont ask for more help, dont kiss your best friends ex-boyfriend after they just broke up, dont try to be someone youre not

15. What was your reaction to what happened to Sammy in season 2? i cried for like hours and i was sad for the weekend

16. What is your favorite style of dance? Hip Hop and Classical

17. Who are your top three favorite characters? Sammy, Kat and Christian

18. Which character do you relate to the most? Christian

19. If you could change one thing about Dance Academy, what would it be? The list of who is the top dancer, that could break someone down. 

20. Who do you think deserves a contract with the company the most? Tara, Kat or Christian

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