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Masterlist of Marvelousheroes

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Here are all the imagines that I have posted so far. Hope that you’ll enjoy them!

Peter Parker x Reader

  • First Crush Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
    • Stark Reader finally goes to high school and experiences her first crush
  • Fighting at the Dance Floor
    • You and Peter sign up for your school’s Dance-A-Thon but get into a fight the night before. Now you have to spend hours dancing with each other even thought you would rather not see his face
  • The One Where Everyone Finds Out
    • The Avengers finds out about your relationship with Peter and you try to keep it a secret from your dad Tony
  • The Stakeout
    • The Avengers go on a stakeout to find out who Peter is dating
  • The Team Night
    • Tony introduces Peter to the team where he meets you
  • Sudden Attraction
    • Peter comes to school after the spider bite and you have strange feelings for him
  • The Blind Date
    • Tony sets you up on a blind date with Peter
  • The Lip Biting
    • You bite your lip when you’re nervous and it drives Peter crazy. In a good way
  • Bad Advice
    • Peter has a big crush on you and turns to the two people who know you the best for advice. This leads to Tony and Clint giving Peter some really bad advice
  • At the Library
    • Peter has a crush on you and tries to get your attention at the library so he could ask you out
  • Surprise!
    • You find out that Spider-Man is actually your boyfriend
  • Insecurities
    • The team is teasing the reader about his lisp which makes the reader upset and Peter comforts them. 
  • The Kidnapping
    • You, Peter’s crush, get kidnapped and he saves you
  • Embarrassed
    • You feel stupid in Peter’s eyes when you try to impress him with a comic book reference but fail at it. Later he comforts you. 

Tom Holland x Reader

  • The Best Days of My Life Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
    • You meet the love of your life while on a student exchange in Britain
  • The Dream Role
    • You are playing Peter’s love interest in the new Spider-Man movie where you meet your new boyfriend
  • Meeting the Family
    • Tom finally meets your family

Chris Evans x Reader

  • The Age Gap
    • You fall in love with Chris but you are scared to tell him because of your age gap
  • Comic-Com
    • Chris is really impressed by your female Captain America costume and the way you look in it
  • Fighting for Your Affection
    • Chris and Sebastian are fighting for your affection. Which one do you choose?

Steve Rogers x Reader

Wanda Maximoff x Reader

  • Good Enough
    • You wonder if you are good enough for Wanda and she comforts you

Sebastian Stan x Reader

  • Mister in Distress
    • You save Sebastian from dehydration
  • Speaking Romanian Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
    • You are an assistant at the set of the new Avengers movie. Sebastian compliments you in Romanian not knowing that you can understand him.
  • Fighting for Your Affection
    • Chris and Sebastian are fighting for your affection. Which one do you choose?

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Loki x Reader

Guardians of the Galaxy x Reader

10 Minute Dance Party

Hey guys! Let’s dance. 

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In our video on self care, @iamzachvalenti and I talk about (and experience) the beauty of the 10 minute dance party. Because it’s all about taking care of yo brain, I figured I’d take away some of the stress of choosing a good song to rock out to. They are separated by genre, but each has a good flow of mostly upbeat songs to get you out of your head and into your body.

So here are some options for a solid 10 minute dance-a-thon: 

(because these playlists are so short, I’m just gonna lists the songs and you can put them together on your music sharing service of choice!) 


  • “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers
  • “Do You Want To” by Franz Ferdinand
  • “I Wanna Get Better” by Bleachers

Dance Pop

  • “Don’t Cha” by The Pussycat Dolls
  • “Breakin’ Dishes” by Rihanna
  • “Bulletproof” by La Roux

Girl Power

  • “Don’t Upset the Rhythm” by Noisettes
  • “Telephone” by Lady Gaga & Beyonce
  • “Crushcrushcrush” by Paramore


  • “Stronger” by Kanye West
  • “King Kunta” by Kendrick Lamar
  • “The Way I Are (Remix)” by Timbaland

Pop Punk

  • “The World” by The Starting Line
  • “Everything Is Alright” by Motion City Soundtrack
  • “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World


  • “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd
  • “Caught Up” by Usher
  • “Hey Ya” by Outkast
Fighting at the Dance Floor

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Hello! I just wanted to start off by saying that I love your writing! Anyways, I was wondering if you could write a Peter Parker imagine where they are already together but in a fight. There’s a Dance-A-Thon at school to raise money for a school trip, and they already signed up to be partners prior to their fight. So they are arguing on the dance floor and it ends with them making up and a kiss and fluff. Thank you! :) (anonymous)

Word count: 499

A/N: I loved this request so I decided to write this right away. At 7 am after no sleep. Anyway I hope that this is what you wanted and that you’ll like it! Oh, and I hope I understood what Dance-A-Thon meant (I had to google it because we don’t have anything fun like that in my country :D)

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Peter was the last person you wanted to see right now. You two had a big fight last night and now you were supposed to attend the Dance-A-Thon together. Five hours of nonstop dancing with Peter. Two days ago, it sounded like the best day ever. But that was before Peter pissed you off with his annoying behavior.

You arrived at the event and texted Peter your location. You heard a door open and turned your head towards it. You had calmed yourself down before coming but now that you saw Peter’s stupid face, all the anger came running back. “Hey” you said a bit too coldly and started walking towards the dance floor. “Well hello to you too” Peter muttered with an annoying tone. You rolled your eyes and stopped at the edge of the dance floor. 

“Okay, we have to spend five hours staring each other’s faces can we at least pretend that we can stand each other?” you asked Peter and he responded with a dramatic eye roll. “Oh this is going to be hell” you muttered to yourself. “Whatever do you mean darling” Peter answered with the biggest fake smile you had ever seen. “Let’s just get this over with” you said and started dancing with him. 

You got over the first hour and a half with minimal arguing. You both just swayed quietly avoiding eye contact. Then he stepped on your toes. “Ow! Watch it Peter!” you yelled a bit too loudly. “It’s not like I did it on purpose Y/N! You need to chill out a bit jeez” Peter replied. “I need to chill? You were the one coming here with that attitude” you argued him. “I HAVE AN ATTITUDE?” Peter started to heat up. “Hey what in the world is going on between you two? What are you two fighting about?” Ned asked. “You two are ruining the Dance-A-Thon!” He continued and you started thinking. What were you two fighting about originally? You looked at Peter and saw that he was wondering the same thing. “Truce?” you said giving him an apologetic smile. “Truce.” Peter agreed. 

“What were we fighting about?” Peter asked and you shrugged “I don’t know. I guess everything just kind of escalated really quickly. I’m sorry Pete” “No, I’m sorry Y/N. I was acting like a jerk” “Peter we were both acting like jerks” you laughed. You moved closer to Peter and gave him a sweet kiss. 

A slower song came and you started slow dancing. Peter held you tightly against him and started kissing you all over your face. God, you loved this guy. “Well I didn’t mean that you should start making out right here right now” Ned said and gave you two a disgusted look. You looked at Peter and you both broke into laughter. Against all odds the Dance-A-Thon turned out to be one of the best events all year. I mean you got to dance for hours with the guy of your dreams.


milford is back with it’s 24-hour dance-a-thon for the 54th year in a row ! this year’s theme, you ask ? 60′S FUN ! dress up in your favorite 60′s style dresses and suits and head on over to tod’s market to sign up with your partner. make sure you sign up before wednesday otherwise you won’t be able to participate or join in the THANKSGIVING FEAST after the dance-a-thon is over ! patsy’s diner, fratelli’s bakery and archie’s cheesecake world will be providing the food and drinks only for the event’s participants during the event itself. the thanksgiving dinner will be at patsy’s diner so head on over there as soon as the dance-a-thon is done ! remember, this event is a charity event. all proceeds go toward restoring the bridge down by the lake. the dance-a-thon is held at milford high’s gymnasium and starts at 6PM and ends 6PM the following day. the rules are simple, from the town selectman himself:

  • any couple without a number will be disqualified. 
  • all couples must be touching at all times. 
  • all couples must remain moving at all times. 
  • the only time you may stop moving or stop touching is when you hear a horn indicating a ten minute break to get a drink, to eat a snack, take a rest, or whatever it is you can do in ten minutes. 
  • in addition to the ten-minute rest periods, every person participating has been issued a yellow emergency card. in case of emergency, a contestant may hold up the card and leave the floor for ten minutes. if your partner remains on the floor and moving the entire time, then the owner of the yellow card may rejoin them and the contest. 
  • first aid is available in miss dibella’s school of dance. 
  • remember that if you feel yourself getting lightheaded or having shooting pains or any other stroke-like symptoms, please move off to the side so that your collapse will not get in the way of the other dancers. 


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💰Master list of sorority fundraising ideas! 💰

Q: I am the assistant philanthropy chair of my chapter. We are doing some research on different philanthropy events for our chapter besides the ones we have been doing for the past few years. Do you have any advice on finding events that other sororities have done and some ideas for coming up with original philanthropy events? Thanks!

A: Launching a new fundraiser is a fabulous idea for keeping your membership interested, attracting fellow greeks on campus, increasing participation and energizing everyone connected to your philanthropy!

The first step is to decide what TYPE of fundraiser you want to tackle. Is your chapter more the sports type, or foodie fans? Think about what your sisters, alumnae and other greeks will respond to. Also, if five other chapters already have food sales, you should try a dodgeball tournament instead. Being unique will attract more attention! 

💰  Creative Sorority Fundraising Ideas by Category:💰

💰  SPECIAL EVENT fundraisers: 

  • Sorority Fashion Show 
  • Gala Dinner & Silent Auction 
  • Kissing Booth
  • Puppy Kissing Booth
  • Hugging Booth
  • Pie in the Face 
  • Polar Plunge
  • Fraternity Bachelor Auction
  • Talent Show
  • Car Wash
  • Casino Night
  • Bingo Night
  • Christmas Caroling Service
  • Shopping Night at a Favorite Dress Boutique - a % of sales donated to the chapter philanthropy.
  • Haunted Hay Ride
  • Carnival/Festival for Kids
  • Dunk Tank - recruit popular people to dunk
  • Junker Car or Old Computer Smash - charge for turns bashing an old jalopy, or vintage computers.
  • Outdoor Movie Marathon
  • Campus “Celeb” Bartenders Event
  • Service Auction - sorority & fraternity volunteers are auctioned off for 2 hour “work” sessions.
  • Restaurant Special - a % of food sales donated to the chapter philanthropy.

💰  COMPETITION fundraisers:

  • “MR” Sorority Contest
  • Pie Eating Contest
  • Chicken Wing Eating Contest
  • Board Game Tournament
  • Twister Tournament 
  • 5K Walk/Run
  • Dance Marathon
  • Rocking-Chair-A-Thon
  • Air Band Competition
  • Lipsync Competition
  • Skip-a-thon, Walk-a-thon, Seesaw-a-thon, Skate-a-thon, etc…
  • Trivia Contest
  • Battle of the College Bands
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Decorated Golf Cart Parade & Competition
  • Halloween Costume Competition
  • Adult Spelling Bee
  • Penny Wars
  • Yellow Rubber Ducky Race 
  • Male Beauty Pageant - dressed as women.
  • Goldfish Races - set up two rain gutters filled with water as race tracks. Contestants are given a straw to blow on the water to help the fish along to the finish line. 
  • Charity Specific Events - such as Walking in High Heeled Shoes, Bra Dart Board, Relay for Life, etc…

💰  FOOD fundraisers: 

  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Late Night Waffles
  • Grilled Burger Dinner
  • Chicken Wings Dinner
  • Taco/Burritos/Nachos Bar 
  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Tailgate BBQ
  • Crawfish Boil
  • Oyster Shucking Dinner
  • Pizza Party
  • Box Lunch Delivery
  • Build Your Own Sub Sandwich
  • Hot Soup Bar
  • Octoberfest
  • Catfish Fry
  • Bake Sale 
  • Build Your Own Sundae
  • Smoothie Stand
  • Popular Food Truck on Campus
  • Watermelon Eating Contest
  • Cake Walk
  • Frozen Yogurt Eating Contest
  • Coffee & Donuts Table
  • Chocoholics Festival
  • All You Can Eat Baked Potato Bar
  • Gourmet Popcorn Tasting Party
  • Midnight Munchies Sale
  • Chili Cook Off
  • Chowder Cook Off
  • BBQ Cook Off
  • Burger Cook Off
  • Snow Cone Booth
  • Cookies & Milk Event
  • Cupcake Sale
  • Eat for a Cause - ask a local restaurant to donate 10% of their profits on a designated night, in exchange for encouraging greeks to eat there.

💰  SPORTS fundraisers:

  • Dodgeball Tournament
  • Golf Tournament
  • Basketball Tournament
  • Baseball Game
  • Flag Football Game
  • Powder Puff Football Game
  • Volleyball Tournament
  • Swimming Pool Competitions 
  • Cardboard Boat Regatta 
  • Soccer Tournament
  • Cheerleading Competition
  • Miniature Golf Tournament
  • Bowling Competition
  • Tricycle Races
  • Wheelbarrow Races
  • Coolers with Wheels Races
  • Inflatable Rock Wall Climbing Competition
  • Holiday Jingle Bell Walk
  • Greek “Chariot” Races

💰  SERVICE & SALES fundraisers: 

  • Discounted Prom Dress Sale
  • Manicure Table
  • Candy-gram/Flower-gram/Balloon-gram Deliveries on Campus (especially for Valentines Day and finals)
  • Finals Week Snack Deliveries
  • Raffle with Amazing Grand Prize
  • Sell Swag - koozies, buttons, or other small accessories.
  • Sorority Trunk Show ~ especially greek jewelry or fashions.
  • Craft Sale 
  • Yard Sale or Antique Sale
  • Used Book Sale 
  • Holiday Ornament Sale 
  • Sorority Recipe Book
  • Holiday Gift Wrapping Service
  • Flower Sales for Valentine’s Day
  • Art Show & Sale
  • Dog Wash
  • Gift Basket Auction
  • Guess How Many ___ in the Jar - M&Ms, jelly beans, peanuts.
  • Friendship Bracelet Sales
  • Pink Flamingos on Greek Row - sell pink flamingos to be placed (with a message) on sorority & fraternity house front lawns.
  • Sell Commemorative Bricks or Tiles for a Sorority House Construction Project
  • Tee Shirt Sales
  • Massage Chair Booth - offer several chairs & charge for 10 minute messages by professional therapists.

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• Step One: Choose From 5 TYPES of Sorority Fundraisers

• 7 Successful Fundraisers from Followers

• Top 10 Types of Greek Marathons

     so, halloween ended almost a week ago & i still felt the need to go to waverly hills sanatorium last night, before their haunted house ended for the year. it was all good and great while we’re in line … even though it was basically standing in the cold for 2 hours. they even has a dance-a-thon to MJ’s thriller. ya girl won, by the way. all that waiting and it took me stepping inside waverly for 2 seconds … and seeing a clown on stilts … before i ended up burying my head into a stranger’s hoodie for the whole walk-through. i wouldn’t say i wasted 30 bucks … but note to self: when you hear a chainsaw at the end of A N Y haunted house … don’t run. 

welcome back to our listeners ! if you’re still hanging in there, we are four hours and a half into the annual dance-a-thon and boy, do i have some tea for all of you. you sure do work quick, milford ! no time to waste with you lot. quick recap, shall we ? jaxon showed up piss drunk and late which meant marilyn wouldn’t participate or even get the chance to win this year. sources tell me mina captured the entire thing on camera and marilyn totally flipped. meltdown of the year ? or should we hold our breaths for one happening again soon ? the only people who seem to genuinely be having fun are jay, siena and sophia. as of right now, there are 110 couples left on the dance floor. how exciting ? that’s breaking last year’s record. the night is still young so grab your refreshments and food because the ten minute break just started and we’ll see you back on the dance floor for a very fun song; fun fun fun by the beach boys is coming up next !

@mizzamericnpie: One for me because I’m such a retro girl 😘

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Finally he had agreed to come with you. You would have thought Dean would be all over a classic car show, and he was, until you mentioned the Pinup Girl fashion show and dance-a-thon that accompanied it.

“There’s no way I’m dancing. Or dressing up. I don’t do that,” he said with a dismissive wave.

You pouted and got annoyed, “Fine. I’ll be awesome and dress up and you can stand there and watch me get hit on all night. I don’t care. I’m going.” You walked off in a huff and slammed the door of you room, making sure the sound echoed through the quiet bunker.

Hours later you stood at the bottom of the winding metal stairs, perfectly done up in a black off the shoulder dress that puffed out at the waist thanks to many layers of crinoline. Your hair was stunningly waved, pinned back on one side; your lips were painted with a creamy matte red. You looked amazing as you stood, tapping your foot, waiting for your kill-joy to escort you out.

“Think this’ll do?” Dean appeared in the archway and opened his arms so you could take in his outfit. He spun around slowly showing himself off to you. Your jaw just about hit the floor. He was amazingly handsome in a 40′s style three piece suit, complete with cuff links which he adjusted as you stared at him. His hair was slicked down and perfect and suddenly you wanted to skip the show all together and lift your skirts for him.

“Yeah… that’ll do just fine Dean. Damn,” you stammered. Dean walked towards you slowly and your heart beat faster with every step. “Maybe… maybe we skip this show and you take me back to you room big boy…”

He smirked and grabbed you around the waist, pulling you close. “No way. You know how long it took me to get dressed? You’re gonna show me off tonight babe.”

You laughed and kissed him. “OK, but as soon as we’re home, I’m ripping these threads off of you.”

“Sounds like a plan toots,” he said with a wink and smacked your ass as you turned to climb the stairs.

You yelped and eyed him over your shoulder “Oh, it’s gonna be a long night…”

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arabella had absolutely no sense of time management so it wasn’t at all surprising when she found herself running late to the dance-a-thon; an event she deemed too POINTLESS to attend yet she didn’t have much of a choice. not only did she have to work for nothing in return but town events were almost always filled with, well, the entire town. nothing could prepare her for the amount of eye rolls she’d be giving out. upon arriving at the high school’s gym, she walked passed an angry tod and dismissed his words in an attempt to get him to leave quicker. she was used to him scolding her for doing her job wrong at that point that she mastered the art of tuning his speeches out. she sunk into her chair as soon as he left, reorganizing the food on the table in front of her neatly in an attempt to pass time. from where she sat, she could see the dancers in the middle of the gym, dancing energetically to a song she faintly recognized. she knew all too well there would come a certain point when that energy would completely drain and she hoped they wouldn’t have to actually spend a whole day waiting for a winner. a flash in the corner of her eyes caused the brunette to jump suddenly, turning her head to find out the source of it.

good evening, milford ! it’s the day of the dance-a-thon and everyone’s looking fabulous dressed in 60′s fashion. we’ve got FIVE minutes left till the clock starts so keep your partner close by and prepare yourself to dance until you drop. tune into voice of milford throughout the entire day for updates on the latest and to find out your winner at the end of the night. lace your shoes, fix your curls and take your positions on the dance floor. if you’re listening at home, don’t forget to call in !


“it was just a lapse in judgement,” marilyn had been telling her parents. dr.boswel and his wife, who was destined to become one of connecticut’s next senators, had made a visit to the dance-a-thon right when everything was falling to pieces for their high strung child. “i’m fine; it’s fine. really. i can always win next year.” she’d kiss them both on the cheek and say her goodbye, fake smile plastered on her pretty face, before she turned around, face to face with siena hartmann. she jumped, unaware that it was one of the ten minute breaks already. “hi, siena.” she greeted, a little uncomfortable. the whole town, whether they’d been paying attention or not, had just witnessed one of marilyn’s most embarrassing moments… probably ever. “my mom is super proud of how far i got into the dance-a-thon tonight.” she said, somewhat sarcastically.


“if you’re here to gloat… you can go.” marilyn mumbled when she saw her knight in tarnished armor approach. it was late into the dance-a-thon and while she was more or less over what had happened to her (thanks to a conversation with arabella) - she was a little tired and irritable after the amount of hours that had passed. “i’m not really in the mood for an i told you so or you telling me i should’ve gone with you or whatever.” she shrugged, because maybe she would’ve, if he would’ve asked. but he didn’t, and things played out the way they didn’t, and she couldn’t change that. unfortunately for marilyn, as much as she loved to have control, she couldn’t control everything. she refilled more cups of punch for the dancer’s next break. “aren’t you supposed to be working?”

My ultimate Uber A theory: Who I want A.D. to be!

“The First Secret” in my opinion is the biggest PLL episode we ever had. It’s full of answers, questions, explanations, clues, foreshadowing, you name it! AND the most important thing–the most in depth look we’ve had into Alison’s life before she went missing, given it’s a full-flashback episode. It’s on Halloween that Alison begins getting threats and texts from –A, which is why I believe whoever was the first –A, is in this episode. And based on Mona’s behavior and the way she is depicted in this episode, I don’t believe it was her, but LUCAS.

Early CLUES:

1.) “Do you still have both?” –Ali to Lucas
Lucas accidently spills his drink on Alison and tries to clean it up. Mona watches quietly standing against her locker. After Alison walks away, he says, “One day she’ll get what’s coming to her.” Mona smiles at him and slightly nods. After this, Alison begins calling Lucas “Hermie,” that alone could be his motive of hating her and the Liars but what if it’s also his connection to Cece? If she really is Charles who transitioned into a woman, he could have her her story and felt sympathy like the writers all wanted us to.

2.) “I’m watching you.”

Alison is in the Halloween store buying her costume and gets this in a text message, it’s NOT signed by “A,” but I don’t think that’s because it wasn’t from “A,” but because it was only the beginning of –A’s work. In this scene someone in the baby doll mask costume pops out and scares Alison. Although there has been numerous people in this costume, for example Noel and Garrett, I think this time it was Lucas. Garrett wasn’t in the episode and Noel had already scared her minutes before in regular clothes. If this was Lucas it makes sense that he sent the message since he was “watching her” previously in Spencer’s bedroom.

3.) Alison is attacked
Alison and Noel plan to give the Liars a Halloween “scare,” by having Alison pretend that Noel, dressed in the same costume as Lucas (and appears like maybe two other people lol) is trying to kill her. After it all happens and the Liars already know it was a trick, Alison tells Noel what a great job he did. Except, according to him, he DIDN’T DO IT. This could be a lie, OR someone else did the job for him. Lucas is also dressed in the same costume, so how do we know it wasn’t him who did this? Alison says, “The way you shoved me against the wall. You even scared me.” If it was all just a joke, why would Noel try to hurt her? No one could even see them? Whoever actually did it, wanted to her hurt. Wanted her to be scared. Lucas I’m sure has a lot of built up anger towards Alison so it definitely makes sense that he would have the passion to actually try and hurt Alison.
4.) “Bitch!”
Right before it’s revealed that Noel wasn’t the person who attacked Ali, someone in the baby face mask costume runs quickly by Alison and yells, “BITCH!” Seconds after he rips off his mask… It’s LUCAS. I don’t see the point of having Lucas take off his mask unless it was a reveal of some sort. I would almost go to the extent and say that (if this was the writer’s attempt) it was meant to be obvious that Lucas attacked her. He also seemed full of rage which could be because possibly Alison got away or because the Liars came to her rescue?
5.) “Dying to know who I am? You’ll find out. –A”
This is the very first “A” signed text Alison receives and it connects with all of these clues about Lucas being this person. He was possibly the person from the Halloween store (masked), the person outside Spencer’s window (masked), the person who attacked her (masked), and we know he was the person who called her a bitch (masked, then he unmasked himself).
What I think happened:
Lucas came up with the idea of harassing Alison anonymously starting the night of Halloween. He had all the motive to and even admitted that she’s GOING TO get what’s coming to her. He asked Mona to help him, given she had the same motive as he did (being bullied by Alison). This is why Mona said “No, but you will,” when Ali asked if she knew her.. She seemed much more confident than she did in any other flashback when she said that, which could have been just because she was masked but it also could have been because she knew she was going to get her revenge. He started off by following Alison around for example, to the Halloween Store and watching her from outside Spencer’s window. He wanted her to be afraid. And then the texts started rolling in but that wasn’t enough for him. In order to REALLY scare Alison, he attacked her that night, which is why he was revealed (unmasked). In the ending scene of the episode, there is someone else in the same costume sending a text, this person is NOT revealed but used “A,” which is why I think this person was MONA and she came up with idea to use “A” as the signature to their messages and stuff. That’s why she’s considered THE ORIGINAL A. We’ve seen almost every important character with Alison the night she went missing but we have not seen Lucas. 

I think Lucas has been –A all along as basically the ring leader. If Lucas is after Alison now, it can’t possibly be that big of a surprise that he still hates her, he trashed her memorial, remember?


“A” Clues:
1.) Photography
In all the –A lairs we’ve seen there is tons of pictures of the Liars and some of them look professionally taken. There was also the time that –A sent the girls a picture of Alison from the night she went missing and the time that –A took a bunch of pictures of the girls at the Lake House. Lucas has a passion for photography so it’s possible he took these pictures.
2.) A’s message to Hanna on her cast
A leaves Hanna a message saying, “Sorry about losing my temper. My bad. Love, -A.” Although it makes sense that this was Mona based on her hitting Hanna with her car, it’s also possible this was from Lucas because he “loves” Hanna and had just had an argument with her in the hospital about how she “deserves a better boyfriend.”
3.) Sean and Hanna’s break-up
I find it ironic that Lucas, who is in love with Hanna in a sense participated in their break up. Their downfall began at the Dance-A-Thon when “A” pushed Lucas and Hanna to dance. I don’t see how this could have benefitted Mona in any way. And based on the way Mona treats Lucas, why would she want him dancing with Hanna? I think it’s possible those texts in particular could have been from him and part of his plan of breaking them up.
4.) We’ve seen Lucas in a black hoodie more than once.
5.) Toby tried to hit Lucas with a car
At the time Toby was supposedly pretending to work with Mona to help Spencer, he tried to run over Lucas. If Toby wasn’t really “evil” why do that??? I think this clearly means Lucas involved with the A Team and was trying to get out so Mona sent Toby to do this to scare him. I think this is why he tried to kill Mona in season 3. If Mona knows his secret he couldn’t just stop helping her and and the only way to keep his secret a secret is to kill her.
6.) Lucas was visiting Mona while she was in Radley and she was giving him her pills which were the same pills used to drug Emily the night “Alison’s” body was dug up.
7.) A is shown buring photos in a scene and Lucas is shown burning papers in class.


Many of these clues are from older seasons and may not apply to S7 but he could easily be A.D. All this Archer business could be a distraction like the whole Charles storyline was. Also, Hanna used him as a alibi maybe this is how A.D. thought Hanna actually killed Charlotte. 


Hey t!! I wanted to share something so special to me:) Today is 100 days until THON!!!

Penn State holds the largest student run dance marathon in the world, THON. This year I applied to be on a committee and I’m on Rules and Regulation. My committee is made up of around 1,000 people and we are the reason THON can happen, because we keep the stadium safe all weekend! All year we have events leading up to THON that also raise money FTK (for the kids)!

A little background on THON: It’s a 46 hour dance marathon that raises money for children with pediatric cancer. It’s a time where our four diamond kids (those being helped by THON proceeds) come to forget about their sickness and get to be a normal kid for the weekend. We stand and dance the entire 46 hours to endure the pain they feel on a daily basis. You may be wondering why it’s 46 hours instead of 48, and that is because every day 46 kids get diagnosed with cancer. We have talent shows, singers come, and so much more during the weekend! Last year the total amount we raised was $10,045,478.44!! Isn’t that amazing!!!

I wanted to share this with you because it is something I am so passionate about and I can’t wait to put a smile on these kid’s faces. Check out THON 2017 Weekend Recap on YouTube and I promise it will melt your heart and make you cry.

(side note: you should come perform this year because I love and miss you❤️)