dance a long a dave

Versace on the Floor

pairing: daveed diggs x reader

summary: reader just had a very successful opening night of her first broadway musical. her date to the after party is her best friend daveed. then Oh Boy Do Things Get Spicy.

warnings: swearing, alcohol, choking, dominance/submission, light bondage, begging

word count: 1,866

a/n: it’s jena’s birthday :)))) happy birthday!!! this fic is based on bruno mars’ song “versace on the floor” you can listen here if you want thanks that’s all have a good time

The glittering fabric falls gently over your frame and you smooth it over your hips. There are slivers of the material that are sheer, fragments of your figure peeking through. You slip on a pair of simple stilettos and grab your clutch, heading out of the dressing room and down the staircase toward the back door.
“[Y/N],” Daveed breathes, staring up at you as you descend the stairs. “Wow.”
You smile at his awestruck expression and take your best friend’s arm as it’s offered out to you.
He holds an imaginary microphone up to your face, “[Y/N], who are you wearing?”
“Versace,” you gesture your hand in a long line down your body, giggling. 

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