dance! dance!


[16 Dances] - organized by Ashido and Jirou after they learned, from her enormous mansion, how she appreciated western culture !

Happy Birthday Yaomomo! [9/23]


Toontown calls this event The Bad Thing.

Months ago, Bendy went on a murderous rampage, devouring any toon in his path. He found himself much stronger here than he was in Joey Drew’s Studio, and the more toons he ate the more powerful and rage filled he became.

He was stopped by the protector of Toontown and sentenced to death.

But that’s all in the past…. Mickey still has nightmares about it though.

a sleepover

stan: are you awake

ben & mike: yeah

eddie: you guys shhHHHhh

richie: what is the meaning of life

beverly: dude shut up

bill: you guys be quiet my mom is gonna hear us

pennywise: you kids wanna buy some drugs

My friends: wtf is wrong with you, why do you watch IT so many times, talking about the “losers” wanting to protect them, what about that hockstetter boy, what is with that unhealthy obsession???


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