Another one of my many drawings of dancing people. I just got back from a film festival that was across the atlantic, so I had a ling time to do these little hashmarks on the plane between turbulence bumps. 

In other news! I recently created a Patreon where you can find lots of sketches that I don’t put on this site, zines that I will be making of my work, coloring books that I’ll put out once a year, and lots of other cool bonus’s! I’d really appreciate your support, your contributions help me keep me and my adorable kitten Cricket fed and clothed. I also have a new youtube channel where I’m doing speed paintings of weird and whacky animals, and eventually a bunch of animated shorts, so if you’d enjoy that you can always subscribe! (I’ll be posting those videos here too.) 

Thanks always for your support and reblogs! 

Zoe Polando, 2017