Cayde-6 : If you wear a dress, I will wear a suit.

You : Seriously?

Cayde-6 : Vanguard’s Honour.

- later in the evening -

You : I see you wear the suit.

Cayde-6 : I see you wear the dress.

You : Touché.

Cayde-6 : Would you care for a dancd, m'lady?

You : How could I say no to a dashing gentleman?

Cayde-6 : I’m flattered.

You : You should be.

The both of you danced the night away and had the time to spend some more quality time with each other.

Miraculous Season 2

This contains spoilers.

The two first episodes of the second season have already aired in Spain and wow. We were damn right, Gabriel is Hawkmoth. Also he akumatizes himself to look inocent. Also we learn more about Master Fu. In the second episode Chloe gets a sorta redemption arc and also helps LB. But thw most important thing in this ep is the Adrienette. We have the dancd scene, which becomes even cuter thanks to Alya being the best wingwoman ever. It’s super sweet and I can’t even put into words how I feel. Oh, we also learn that Chloe’s mom abandoned their family. No signs of Lila in either ep though.

Things to consider about hater and wander's wedding

> What venue would be big enough for their wedding (the Skullship wouldn’t fit all the Watchdogs AND all of Wander’s friends). Maybe Janet would be willing to host the wedding; she could make the venue as beautiful and stunning as the wedding that Wander truly deserves

> WHO PROPOSES????? Is it Wander, who springs it upon an unsuspecting hater?? Or is it Hater, who refuses to be Outdone and decides to do the Perfect Proposal, only to mess up horribly, and still, no ones ever seen Wander happier?? These are important questions

> Just how hard Peepers cries when Hater asks him to be his best man (“oh don’t get sappy on me, Peepers! I only picked you because I have no other option! Can you imagine Emperor NOT-Awesome being MY best man??? Or some insignificant Watchdog????? STOP CRYING PEEPERS ITS NOT THAT IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!”) (Sylvia is Wander’s Best Zbornak but was there ever any doubt)


> Who cries more at the wedding; Wander or Hater? YOU decide!!!

> Almost everyone in the goddamn universe is at this freaking wedding. Redeemed or not, Dominator is invited. Whether she comes to cause havoc or doesn’t is up to you

> Hater being UNBELIEVABLY nervous leading up to the wedding. There are like five Watchdogs wiping sweat off his forehead. Meanwhile, Wander is nervous TENFOLD and Sylvia nearly has to tie him down he’s bouncing too much

> Even after the wedding, Wander is still shaking and won’t let go of Hater’s hand for anything


> Imagine how many fucking wedding presents


> They probably hire professional singers and everything, but Hater and Wander insist on performing at least one (or thirty) song


> Holy shit imagine all the awkward toasts

> I’m sorry I’m just rambling at this point just imagine then getting married and getting lost in each other’s eyes and getting so happy and Hater keeps getting embarrassed and I’m dead