Tumblr user Dantrium posts an excellent video about a Politician pointing out a political party’s flaws in a striking manner.

Tumblr user Dantrium’s boyfriend Danbutt posts a gif of him flopping a dildo around in his hand…

danbutt  asked:

idk who your icon is but at some point I just decided that it's the coach from glee

revenge of the nerds is an awful movie that no one should see in this year of our lord 2k15

but i think we can all agree on ogre’s pro sport/anti nerd policies to make a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

howmerryfrench replied to your post “howmerryfrench replied to your post: Asparagus is delicious. you…”

onion a vegetable? more like an ALLEGEDable

This is the only word I will hear said against onions, and that’s because it’s a pun.

danbutt replied to your post “howmerryfrench replied to your post: Asparagus is delicious. you…”

i…. don’t think we can be friends anymore

Who want’s to be in the friendzone anyway? I want to be in the onionzone.