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"where the fuck is Carmen sandingo" you screan out the window "I'm right here sexy" she says from ur bedroom door as she takes off her bra. you look at her with eyes like bowls of milk, her big tinties glittering in the moonlight. her nipples are different size but you don't mind. "why are. you staring babe, let's make fuck" she says and she frenches you. she finger-puppets you for 20 minutes and then goes onto the balcony for a ciggie. "I'm am so lucky to have you" you say with a singel tear

im blocking u

Tumblr user Dantrium posts an excellent video about a Politician pointing out a political party’s flaws in a striking manner.

Tumblr user Dantrium’s boyfriend Danbutt posts a gif of him flopping a dildo around in his hand…

howmerryfrench replied to your post “howmerryfrench replied to your post: Asparagus is delicious. you…”

onion a vegetable? more like an ALLEGEDable

This is the only word I will hear said against onions, and that’s because it’s a pun.

danbutt replied to your post “howmerryfrench replied to your post: Asparagus is delicious. you…”

i…. don’t think we can be friends anymore

Who want’s to be in the friendzone anyway? I want to be in the onionzone.