• “When I first met Daniel, he told me it would take him probably five minutes to get into my computer and get all the information. So I changed my passwords — and now I don’t remember them.” on Daniel Domscheit-Berg.
  • “Benedict is the most British guy I’ve ever met. And the first time I met him in London, it was hysterical, because before he said "Hi” he could tell me what I had for breakfast, that I’m left-handed, that I was trying to quit smoking, and he even had a recommendation of how to better clean my shirts. And I said, “Hi, Sherlock, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m going to be Watson.” on  Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • “The phone rang at 8am. I saw the number and thought: ‘Oops, that’s him.’ He said: 'Yeah, it’s Niki. I guess we have to meet.’ I said: 'Yeah, it would be good.’ He said: 'OK, come to Vienna. Just bring hand luggage so if we don’t like each other you can piss off.’ It was so brilliant. I thought: 'Oh my God, that’s the way he is, OK.’ So I packed my little bag and went to Vienna. Fortunately, he did like me and I had to buy some clothes because the trip was extended.” on Niki Lauda