AU: Bela Talbot has been on the run for more than five years, thanks to some clever slips of the hellhounds on her tail. She used to be a great thief; now she is a great escape artist. When she runs into Ellie and learns that the same demon has a contract on her soul–and that Ellie was hunting the thing–they team up and hit the road together. It doesn’t take long for the two of them to realize they have a lot more in common than a price on their heads, and sparks begin to fly.


favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Pandia with Danay Garcia

Once Zeus was joined with Selene in love; and she bore a daughter Pandeia, exceeding lovely amongst the deathless gods.

Once a month, bright faced Pandia reaches her long fingers up into the sky to take hold of the evening star and slowly pulls herself up from the earth and into that spreading darkness. From there she lights the fields and cities below, casting her silver shadows across the world. There she is happy and complete and full, her mother’s daughter. But morning comes soon enough and Pandia lowers herself down to the ground once more, light-stepping toes touching the cold grass before sunlight reaches it, leaving drops of early dew clinging to them. And then she is gone, youthful Pandia at rest, brightness put away until next time.

Technically this is an operation femslash prompt, but it is also a plea from the bottom of my heart and that plea is Ellie the farmhand.

Because she is crazy foxy and I have only read femslash on her once and that is no way to live.

Ellie sweaty and working on the farm! Ellie on the run from the hellhounds! Ellie drunk and dancing around to the Divinyls in her underwear! Ellie being the badass sexually aggressive babe we know she can be! Ellie and Bela and Ellie and Charlie and Ellie and Anna and Ellie and Meg and Ellie and Jo and Ellie and Maggie Zeddmore and Ellie and Abaddon and Ellie and Ellie and oh no I’ve gone too far.

Ellie!!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧