Studio APA’s very own Choz Belen’s collaborated with DanAKADan to bring you ‪#‎SPACESHIP‬, which premiered on ISATV today!

Watch here –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4Rpi84FS1s


Support our good friend and ISA productions director DAN AKA DAN on his new documentary about self discovery and finding out his roots as a Korean adoptee. His story may very well be your story. 

It’s about the Asian American experience of finding your own personal identity. 

- Wong Fu Productions

Korea Update!

Hello everyone! i’m excited to share that we made it to korea safely and have been here about 2 days now. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of kind words, comments, and messages i’ve received. It’s really unbelievable and i’m incredibly grateful for each bit of support. It’s definitely helped me get through what’s been going on, and has made me very emotional (in a good way).  The fact that i’ve got friends, family, and even people that i’ve never met before show care and kindness…i’m at a loss for words.

We’re currently in Seoul and have already packed in so much in just 2 days, which has included the meeting with my biological family. I’m happy to say that it went well, and that we’re in deed related. And that dude is definitely my twin. You can definitely see the resemblance. I don’t think we’re identical (we’re fraternal), but as soon as i saw him i knew that we had to be related. 

There’s much more to come and i’ll be updating more soon! we’re meeting my foster mother in the next few hours! Getting ready as i speak!

For those that want to watch and support our kickstarter, please click here for more updates! We still have aways to go, but are definitely getting there thanks to all of you. Can’t state it enough, THANK YOU! 


Growing Up on Asian Food Vs American Food!? w/ Jenna Ushkowitz, DANakaDAN + Sam Futerman - ASIAN-ISH EP2

anonymous asked:

I found this really interest documentary that I think deserves more views on YouTube and it's about a Korean adoptee meeting his biological parents. You can find it on ISAtv or search up Korean Adoptee Story - "AKA Dan"

Yeah I’ve seen it! I actually video chatted with him through CCI, and it was pretty cool. Not to mention he has good music.

Pt. 1 is here if anyone wants to watch it. Its a documentary of Dan traveling back to Korea to met his birthparents.

-Mod AJ


Growing up ASIAN - Lunch Break!

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6/52 Shoot Session with DanakaDan and Cathy Nguyen

Not too long ago I got an email from Dan about a project coming up and if I was free on saturday to do a shoot. After sending emails back and forth I got a tweet reminding to bring mics, it was then i realized that we had 2 different definitions of “shoots”. For me a shoot meant doing a “photo shoot” and there was some miscommunication on both of our ends. Luckily I called up a friend who helped me out in the last minute to prepare all the equipment necessary for a music video session.

The music video itself was amazing, hearing live a accoustics first hand from Dan, Cathy along with the musicians Harold and Brandon. The location was a loft which i found out later was the headquarters of My Ninja.

Today is a pretty epic day, fun filled and unexpected adventure.

52 week, to test my skills as a photographer, to force myself to bring my camera with me and be more creative with my shots, to learn new techniques and styles of photography. Welcome to my adventure