It shouldn’t, but I think at the core of it it’s about- it’s systemic. It’s systemic. It’s kind of a revolution. You know, if a system was designed whenever how many generations ago, to really explore and celebrate one specific people, then the idea of finally starting to open up the door of other types of people, it moves slowly. At the core, the system is the same. So I think that that is what it is. There’s times that we see a little variation in diversity and then it goes back, and we see a little variation and it goes back. It’s ‘cause it’s kind of in need of a revolution. It’s beyond cosmetic chat and reforms. That’s why you keep seeing the problem occur.
—  Danai Gurira, on why diversity seems to be hard for Hollywood

Danai Gurira doesn’t need a sword to be formidable.

Take away the dreadlocks and the katana of Michonne, the fan-favorite character she plays on “The Walking Dead,” and Gurira proves brainy, articulate, passionate and palpably driven. She’s also living the lives of three different, very successful people at once — actor, playwright and international arts ambassador.

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Danai Gurira Appreciation Week Day 5

Favorite interview: EW - The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira on Michonne wig


Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira & Norman Reedus on Inside the Actors Studio

Danai Gurira Appreciation Week Day Five

Favorite Interview: I don’t have one

I think Danai gives the best interviews and I enjoy all of them. She’s extremely well spoken, passionate, interesting, and funny. It’s impossible to choose between things like fun late night quick interviews that showcase her humor and more indepth interviews about her life passions and insights into Michonne.

So, basically…I love them all! ;)


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