Crush Pt. Two

Part Two of Jordyn’s Dana imagines! Hope you like it!


Five minutes after the meet-n-greets were over, Dana and I met outside his band’s Sprinter. He grinned and took my hand when he saw me, leading me to Jill’s car. “Sorry, I don’t have my car with me right now.”

“I understand,” I giggled as he held the door open for me. “Where are we going? This town is tiny.”

“I think I saw a restaurant a few miles down the road,” he frowned. 

“A few miles away” turned out to be ten miles away and the “restaurant” turned out to be a tiny diner whose only customers were seniors getting out from Bingo night. An elderly couple took the last booth, so we had to take seats by the counter. Even so, we stayed because it was the only place still open.

The only redeemable quality was the food. The fries were so amazing that I was seriously considering getting another order for the long road trip back home. Dana was head-over-sneakers for his burger, too, so we were both in a fantastic mood by the time we were done.

“I’m really glad you asked me out,” I said just as Dana was finished his burger. “This is fun.”

“Yeah,” he eyed my lips. I frowned, thinking I had food between my teeth.

“Is there something-” I started, but was cut off by a kiss. If it wasn’t for the space between the bar stools, Dana probably would’ve pulled me even closer to him. He wasn’t shy at all about PDA.

“Ahem,” someone in front of us coughed. “This is from that couple over there.”

Dana briefly stopped kissing me to look at who was talking. A milkshake sat on the counter in front of us with two straws  “Which couple?”

The server pointed to the elderly couple sitting in the booth we had been about to sit in. When the couple saw us, they smiled and raised their own glass. Dana and I waved to the couple, then turned back around. 

“Looks like we’re in the middle of a nineteen-fifties date,” I said. “Is there a jukebox here?”

“It’s in the corner,” the server gestured to the ancient machine while he dried glass cups. 

“Well, no old-fashioned date is complete without playing a song on a jukebox,” Dana winked at me before walking towards the corner where the jukebox was.

 Within minutes, Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” was playing and Dana had me out of my seat for a dance. There was no denying that his dance moves were perfect when he was performing, but he was just as awkward as I was when it came to dancing as a couple. It felt like we were just two normal teenagers instead of performers. After only one dance, we had to go. It was getting late and we had a long road trip the next day. 

“We have to get home, Cinderella,” Dana joked. “Otherwise, your manager will turn me into a pumpkin.” 

 “I don’t think the story goes that way,” I replied. “Besides, I’d rather be Belle.” 

“You can be the beauty and I’ll be the beast,” he shrugged. “But only if ‘beast’ means the best-looking guy in the world.” 

 “You need to brush up on your fairytales,” I scoffed playfully. “How are you supposed to be my Prince Charming if you don’t even know my favorite Disney movie?” 

 “Let’s not get touchy,” Dana said. “I’m still gonna be a good boyfriend even if I don’t know everything about Disney movies.” 

 “You’re very brave to call yourself my boyfriend after only one date,” I teased. 

“C'mon, stop playin’,” he laughed. “You had a huge crush on me, too. It wasn’t just me.” 

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t,” I smiled. “The world may never know.” 

 “I know,” he said decisively, pulling me into his arms. “You were crushing on me just as hard as I was crushing on you.”

Imagine #2 - The Ouija Board


        “Come on, you’ll be fine,” Dalton persuades. You run your hand over your arm, nervously looking down at the Ouija Board set out on the table.

         “I don’t know, Dalton. I mean, my parents are both religious, and what if one of us ends up getting possessed, what would we do then?” You ramble. Dalton sighs and walks over to where you’re standing, putting his hands on your arms and looking down into your eyes.

         “Babe, you have nothing to be worried about, okay? I’ll be here with you, and we can always end it if it gets to be too much for you,” he comforts, smiling down at you. You sigh, thinking about what he said.

         “Fine. But you’re the one asking the questions,” you reply. Dalton chuckles and gives you a kiss on the forehead, pulling you into a hug.You both sit down on either side of the table, the Ouija Board placed carefully between you two. Dalton strikes a match and lights the white candle standing next to the board. The lights are dim, setting the mood. Dalton looks up at you, a serious expression on his face. 

          “Ready?” he asks. You take a deep, shaky breath before answering.

           “Ready,” Dalton places his index and middle fingers on the pointer, so you do the same. 

           “Are there any spirits in the room?” Dalton asks in a clear voice. You stare at the pointer immensely, hoping it wouldn’t move. After a few seconds of silence, the pointer slowly started moving across the board. You could feel your heart leap into your throat as it rests on “YES”. Dalton glances up at you with a seemingly calm expression, but you could see the fear building in his eyes.

         “How many spirits are present?” Dalton asks. The pointer starts to move around the board frantically, as if there were several spirits trying to control it at once. It finally rests on the number three. You feel the goosebumps rise on your arms as it rests there.

       “Who are we currently speaking to?” Dalton questions, his voice wavering slightly. The pointer starts to move quickly, almost too quick to register the name the spirit was spelling. M-A-T-T-H-E-W. 

       “Matthew, thats your name, is that correct?” Dalton reassures. The pointer quickly moves to “YES”. You shiver at the experience of this happening. 

      “Matthew, may I ask, are you a good or bad spirit?” Dalton asks in a shaky voice. Seconds of silence pass as the pointer stays still.  “Matthew, are you still here?” The pointer moves to “YES”.

      “I’m going to ask again, Matthew. Are you a good or bad spirit?” Dalton asks again. The pointer slowly moves to the moon symbol in the corner of the board.

      “Wait, what does that mean. Dalton what does the moon symbol mean?” You frantically ask.

      “I- I don’t know,” Dalton replies. He swallows hard before clearing his throat.

      “What does the moon symbol mean, Matthew?” he asks the spirit. The pointer moves to spell out two words. M-O-V-E O-N.

      “Okay, we’ll move on,” Dalton says, not wanting to upset the spirit. Your hands are sweaty because of the nerves and your stomach flips every time Dalton asks another question. All of a sudden, the pointer starts moving again, this time making figure eights on the board.

      “Dalton, what’s he doing,” you question, fear filling your body.

      “I have no idea,” he replies. The pointer continues to make the figure eights, getting faster each time. All of a sudden, a streak of white quickly emerges from the board and hits Dalton, knocking him over. 

      “Dalton!” you rush over to him and help him sit up. He rubs his head with a confused look on his face. “Are you alright?” you ask him, cautiously inspecting his head.

      “Yeah, I think I’ll be fine,” he replies. You sit down next to him.

       “Here, look at me, I want to make sure you didn’t get a concussion, you hi your head pretty hard there,” you say. You inspect his eyes. and conclude that he was fine. Little did you notice that his blue eyes were darkening, and as soon as you looked away, 

His eyes were completely black.

Cole Imagine for Amy

You flutter your eyes open when the sun shines through the window into your eyes. Usually, when you wake up, you feel a pair of arms around you but today, your boyfriend Cole, wasn’t there. You noticed the faint smell of bacon from downstairs. After you put on one of Cole’s t-shirts, that are a little big on you (but hey, it’s cute), you went downstairs. 

“Are you actually cooking?” you said with a laugh. “Oh well good morning to you too.” He said, not taking his eyes off the stove. Once he was done, he turns his eyes towards you. “I was going to make it a surprise for the start of our two year anniversary day. But since you’re up now, you can eat it now” He says. You form a big smile on your face remembering that you have been dating this handsome guy for 2 years. From the day you first saw him, you’ve always felt like he was the one. “And I’m guessing that that.” He says pointing to you in his shirt. “Is my surprise?” “Hahaha no. Actually my surprise is later tonight.” You say and then wink. “Oh really?” He says. “Yes, really, now what are we doing today?” You ask. “Anything you want.” “Really. You’re letting me do anything I want today? What are you getting at Pendery?” “Nothing, Amy. Just go and get dressed so we can go!” Cole says. I finish eating and get dressed like he says. 

You two spend most of the day at the beach, then go to your favorite cafe for lunch. To end the day off, you two went home, snuggled up and watched you’re favorite movie. During the movie, Cole’s phone rings. “I’ll be right back” He says and goes off into a different room to take the call. You sit there wondering who would call him at this time of night but you just assumed it was work and went back to the movie. “Okay get up, we have to go.” Cole says. “W-what? Wait Why? The movie’s not even over yet.” You said. “I know and we can finish it when we get back but, we have to go.” “Where are we going?” You say.  “I have an emergency at the studio. Long story. Let’s just go.” Cole says as he’s guiding me to the car. “If you’re going to the studio why do you need me to go?” You ask.  “I want you to come with me today. It is our anniversary and I want to spend it with you.” Cole says. You finally get into the car and start to doze off and fall asleep as you all pull out of your driveway. 

When you wake up you see that Cole wasn’t in the car, you’re not at the studio, and there was a sticky note on your forehead 


Get out of the car and follow the lights. I’ll meet you at the end.


What lights? You thought. You get out the car and notice that you were at the beach and there are a trail of lights on the sand you did as Cole wrote on the note and followed the trail. At the end of the trail you see Cole standing there. “You found me.” He says Jokingly “What’s all this for?” “Amy, we’ve been together for exactly 2 years now. Starting today, I don’t want to be counting how many years we’re dating anymore.” He says. He starts to get down on one knee and pull our a little black box. You gasp noticing what was going to happen next and a huge smile comes onto your face. “Instead, I want to count how many years we’re married. Amy, will you marry me?” He finally says and your already crying happy tears but you manage to say “Yes” He smiles and puts the ring on your finger, gets up and kisses you. “I love you. So much.” He says “I love you too.” 


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