dana keller

ok i see ppl are also loving the new archie comics and i’m just….

the appeal of archie is that it’s like perpetually the 1950′s with fun characters and silly drama

like take the lipstick incident: i live in a suburb, and there’s like 0 ppl i know who actually has stuff like that happen to them, but the foibles and antics the gang usually goes through is more in tune with the realities of being a teen

like occasionally someone cynical and judgmental will come through and the gang will just look at them and say “why do you have to be like that”

like they’re similar and different and whatever and they deeply care abt each other like veronica can be superficial and flaky and a bad friend but when it comes down to it, she always makes amends and realizes what’s right

betty doesn’t know how to say no to people and sometimes lets people walk all over her but she just wants her friends to be happy and succeed

archie is a clod and a klutz and can sometimes be thoughtless, but he cares about his friends and betty/veronica and always apologizes for messing with weatherbee’s stuff

jughead is happy-go-lucky and ridiculously anti drama but he has a nice friendship with betty and he really likes archie and just wants to have a nice time and also he would sell his soul for a hamburger

reggie is a jokester who has a serious mean streak but the good influence of the gang always helps to rein him in, though sometimes he messes things up with archie for fun, he’s always called out on it and always settles back into his groove with the gang

moose isn’t the brightest but he wants to learn and his big heart makes up for what his mind lacks and he’s always very open and friendly unless it comes to reggie messing with midge

dilton is always earnest and willing to help, he loves science and making ridiculous inventions and he befriends betty because she loves to learn too

chuck is an aspiring cartoonist who’s always happy to help his friends and likes playing on the team for his dad, and he makes little comic books of his friends to give them as gifts

kevin keller is an easy-going all american average joe kinda guy who just happens to be gay and goes through the same romantic foibles as archie just with guys and always enlists the gang’s help on his romantic endeavors

there’s so many more characters i could go in depth on but i’m really tired of people acting like the original comics characters don’t have any depth and aren’t as good as riverdale or the new comics. the new comics are entirely different, none of these are anything like archie and the appeal of it

edgy is not better, and one show might unravel an eighty year old comic book chain