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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Or my version of it. First of all let me say that I recognize that it is a privilege and an honor to be treated at one of the best hospitals in the world. And things are supposed to go wrong so that I have the opportunity to face life with grace and a sense of humor. And secondly I want you to know that this story will have a happy ending.
It was probably about 90 and moderately humid in downtown Boston yesterday. I was told my first two tests would be in the Shapiro Building. There are three Shapiro buildings in Boston. My brother had to make a conference call and dropped me off. After walking around the area schlepping my bag with my binder, book, lunch I found the correct building. I had to drink 40 oz of freezing cold water for my first test and of course I left my fleece in the car. I had to ask for warm blankets because my teeth were chattering and I was shivering. People were moving away from me in the waiting room because I am sure they thought I had some communicable disease. After the CT scan and echocardiogram I walked across to the Dana Farber for my four o'clock appointment with the oncologist which happened at 5:15. It was a very good meeting and indications are that I will be accepted into the clinical trial my original oncologist and I are hoping for. Then it was an EKG and big blood draw and I was done after 6 hours. Got a call from the nurse today that due to a computer glitch on their end I have to have the blood redrawn tomorrow. Locally, thank goodness. If all goes well I will know what my treatment will be next week and begin the following. Thank you for all the prayers, support and interest. And so I get to practice patience, grace and humor. And if I drink water I can go out and sprinkle the lawn.

So my dad goes in for his scan tomorrow, and I can say we’re all pretty scared about the results. It can so easily be good news as soon as it is bad news. So if any of you could send some prayers, or good vibes if you’re not into prayer,  his way I’d really really appreciate it.

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Another video from Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s visit to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute

anonymous asked:

Thanks for your post yesterday about World Child Cancer. So excited that Cait is going off to one of their sites! Where exactly do they work? I do not have good wifi right now so cannot pull up their site.

Thanks Anon!  World Child Cancer supports efforts in 9 different countries - and within each of those 9 countries, there are several clinics or hospitals that fall under the WCC umbrella.  For example, in Central America, they support programs in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominion Republic. 

The international headquarters of WCC is in London - I believe that is where Cait has usually met with them and filmed some short pieces about their work, etc.  There is an office of WCC in the US - located in Denver, CO.  Additionally, St Jude’s in Memphis and Dana Farber in Boston partner with them.  There are also hospitals in Scotland, England, Canada, and other countries that collaborate with them.  So it is a large organization with a wide reach.

So where in the world is Cait going?  I’m looking forward to finding out - literally could be anywhere in the world where WCC works.  Unfortunately, there are children with cancer all over the world.  But fortunately, WCC and their partners are making great strides in improving treatment and outcomes!

Reblogging to add the whole list of countries where World Child Cancer works!  Sorry for the omission on the first go at answering your question, Anon!

One year ago this morning I donned my Dana Farber singlet, laced up my shoes and said a small prayer that I could make it through the marathon and finish due to the injury that I was nursing from my 20 mile training run…

I had lofty goals prior to my injury…. To PR my race time (5:46:36) and even better to hit a sub-5 hour marathon… and if the stars were aligned to hit a sub 4:46:36!  But, with my injury my focus changed…

I had one goal in mind and that was to carry the memory bib of my dear friend David, from Hopkinton to the finish line in Boston…one slow and diligent step at a time!!

But, as we all know, I did not get to cross the finish line a year ago today…my marathon was cut short at mile 20…I was pulled off the course by medics and was told that there were explosions at the marathon finish and that there were injuries and deaths…my brain could not comprehend what was really happening!  But, I knew it was bad and I knew it was serious…my phone, my Facebook page and my blog were inundated with notes and messages from family, friends, fellow runners, co-workers, peers and my Tumblr Family all checking on me to make sure that I was okay…

That day….that day changed something in me….something that is still so indescribable and yet so deeply significant!  A part of me was shattered by the events at the finish line…and I am still picking up the shards and pieces from a year ago and moving past them…I was not physically hurt by the events of that day, but there is a part of me that is still raw inside and I am very aware that I am deeply moved, saddened and sometimes emotionally paralyzed from the events of that day and the days following…

I am full of ALL. OF. THE. FEELS. today as we mark the one year point…and as next Monday approaches and I approach the starting line in Hopkinton again I have no doubt that I will be an emotional mess…

But when I run this year I will be running for closure…for the end of one chapter and the beginning of another…I will be running to pay tribute to those lost & injured last year…

I will be running BOSTON STRONG!!!