Somewhere else, not here, there is a woman wandering a desert – a desert not unlike this one, but not like this one either – it’s not the same desert, I need to clarify that.

Also, with her, are great masked warriors – women and men of enormous size who listen as she speaks, and follow her as she walks. She is winning them over because she has survived so much. She is young, but in her experience she is as lost and scared and ancient as the rest of them. [x]

What can I say, I like drawing Dana. In other news I made a process gif of this but photoshop ate the colors. Whoops.


Battle Stations, Everyone by ErinPtah

Missing scene from e048 Renovations.

(Transcript at the source.)

Khoshekh has no idea why all his people are gathering together like this…but whatever’s going on, he refuses to be left out. It can’t possibly be so important that Cecil has to stop paying attention to him, after all.


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Cecil I can’t believe you left your niece with Carlos and his team of scientists and not expect anything to happen.

For MOGAI/LGBTQIA+ Day of  PoC Night Vale Week!!

Featuring: Queer couple Mayor Dana and Intern Maureen, Cecil and Carlos (kinda), and (most importantly) trans Janice.

Warning: fire, eye strain (bright colors)

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