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Headcanon: Welcome to Night Vale characters on karaoke night


  • Song: Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
  • Unironically enjoys it
  • Stumbles a few times, but Carlos gives him a thumbs-up and he keeps going
  • Maybe a little too confident in his musical abilities; Carlos’s constant praise doesn’t help
  • Song: The Calculation by Regina Spektor
  • Throws loving glances to Cecil every five seconds
  • Extremely flattered when Cecil praises his singing (“Aw, I’m not *that* good, Ceec…”)
  • Never realizes he actually has an amazing singing voice
Mayor Cardinal
  • Song: Radio Waves by The Crystalline Effect
  • Reminds her of the desert otherworld, so she has mixed feelings about it
  • Still knows every word, so she sings it anyway
  • City Council nods approvingly in unison for the entire song and a good two minutes after it ends; the next person dares not start until they’re done
Old Woman Josie
  • Song: Girls & Boys by Good Charlotte
  • Prefaces her performance with “My voice isn’t what it used to be, so pardon any mistakes”
  • Proceeds to bellow the lyrics almost to the point of drowning out the music
  • It’s possible the Erikas provide amplification, but nobody knows for sure because everyone looks pointedly away from them for the entire song
Hooded Figures
  • Song: Revolution 9 by The Beatles
  • The whole production is rather awkward because the entire group falls silent and stares deliberately at anything other than the hooded figures
  • Nobody’s sure how they made the sounds needed, and nobody wants to know
  • After the song ends, the group sits there in silence for another five minutes before someone looks up to find a charred circle on the stage and no trace of the figures
  • Intern Kareem excuses himself, citing a need to lie down
Steve Carlsberg
  • Song: Chandelier by Sia
  • Manages to ignore Cecil’s constant muttered criticisms
  • Everyone is extremely impressed by his range- no octave dropping for this man
  • Cecil actually rather enjoyed it but would rather die than tell him

Back in 2012, History Week said that in 2052, “there will have been no mayor (of Night Vale) for over thirty years.”

That timeline is vague, and could apply to events as distant as five years from now, but it most certainly includes 2017; that would make it 35 years since Night Vale had had a mayor, which does fit the phrasing “over thirty years”.

I’m not saying that Dana Cardinal- or to be more precise, Mayor Dana Cardinal, the Dana Cardinal who killed her double and survived entering the dog park, the Dana Cardinal that we’ve grown to know and love in the main reality of the podcast- is necessarily gone for good, and that her absence will necessarily mean an end to mayors being a thing in Night Vale at all.

I’m just saying that that is a distinct possibility, and one that is backed up by existing Night Vale canon to boot. (It’s rather old canon, true, but this arc has been referencing a lot of old canon lately.)

I’m definitely concerned about Dana right now… no, not concerned. Worried.


miss-creancy said to cecilos:

dana cardinal moodboard please and thank you? 

“angels are definitely real. they are powerful, and recently very wealthy, and they are tough to kill, unlike humans who die easily and unexpectedly all the time from all sorts of little causes. just wait and let them save us.”

the mayor of night vale and the longest-appearing intern character.

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"Love is Neat"

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Night Vale characters as "those kids from your class"

• Cecil
- Very mysterious kid
- Always doodles on their hands
- Best essays in class
- Actually really nice and sweet
- Tumbr trash

• Carlos
- The smart one
- Good grades
- And bad puns
- Collects badges and pins
- Really shy at first and tryes to impress, later just can’t shut up

• Kevin
- Teachers favourite one
- Participates in all school activities
- Never forgets about birthdays
- The best grades in the class
- But because of it pushes himself too hard
- Breakdowns
- Twitter slut
- Makes memes about death and depression
- Uses a lot of smiley faces :)

• Earl
- Boyscout™
- Good and cooking, but do not like speaking about it
- Stern at first glance
- Actually a fucking crybaby
- Loves to take photos and to decorate photo albums
- Dog lover
- Secretly has a crush

• Steve
- Hated by only one kid
- A cinnamon roll
- Loves X-files and conspiracy
- Actually, he is right
- Sucks at P. E.

• Dana
- Will always help you with homework
- Nice af
- Also strong and determined af
- Loves to snapchat

• Lauren
- The Headgirl
- A huge prick
- Good grades, that are actually were made with manipulation and money
- Loves to rule everyone
- Have a great taste in clothes, but always wears the school uniform
- Passive-agressive

• Daniel
- Always quiet
- Really, he only whispers
- Really good with technology and stuff
- Loves Daft Punk
- Easily manipulated
- Never smiles

• Erika
- Silent
- And shy
- Loves ugly sweaters
- Has collection of stickers
- Always brings home stray animals


Welcome to Night Vale: Old Oak Doors Part B

Art dump of the latest nv episode and, for Carlos, what I’m afraid will happen,
Yes, I know I forgot Kevin’s bloodstains.
This has gotta be the wtnv art dump I’ve ever made with the least pictures.

Warning: wtnv spoilers, bright colors, epilepsy warning, eye horror, injuries (mild)

I’d rather you not reblog my art than remove my comments, thank you.