2011 Braves Season Recap - The Ups and "The Disaster"

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Now THAT was painful. Los Bravos were up 10.5 in the wildcard at one point and blew a 8.5 game lead in three weeks. I really thought this team had what it took to win. I think that in the end there were too many easy outs in our lineup during September, and the pitchers weren’t dominant like the Phillies pitchers were to overcompensate for the lack of hitting. It didn’t help that JJ and Hanson got hurt, but injuries are no excuse.

Prado didn’t hit all season like he is capable of. Heyward didn’t hit all season and in the end, couldn’t be an offensive force for this team. Uggla was terrible for half the season. McCann vanished in September. Lowe was atrocious. Gonzalez was great on defense but lacked consistency offensively. Many Braves had good seasons: Tim Hudson, Freddie Freeman, Chipper Jones when he was out there, and the big three in the bullpen. Dan Uggla’s 36 homers were just what we signed him for. The pitching staff was strong, and the defense was pretty damn good.

Good times were Uggla’s 33 game hitting streak, Michael Bourn and Jose Constanza's injection of speed to the team, Hudson’s will to win and the bullpen flourishing. These were all highlights of a memorable, exciting, and in the end, disappointing 2011 campaign for the Braves. Everyone on the team left it all on the field, and they were in position for October until “The Disaster” occurred.

I don’t really care to listen to all the talk about how this Braves team choked and were part of one of the biggest collapses in history. That shit is over. The Braves have found painful ways to lose for 20 years, save for the city’s lone championship in 1995. I am not saying we are cursed, but we have had a lot of things go wrong ,and the team is not finishing the job. We need to close the deal, and let’s hope the 2012 season can yield different results for our Atlanta Braves.

It’s a frustrating game, but it’s a fun game.  The 2011 Braves brought us many highs and several lows, and it will take a while for the taste of "The Disaster" to be washed away. The fun begins again in the spring.