Bastille - Send Them Off!

Things That Happened At My Bastille Concert

After I hugged Dan he just went “was that good enough?” with this really earnest look

When Courtney was trying to get a video of them saying smth sweet and the radio person was ushering her away Dan stopped her and just went “no no no just tell us what to do!”

He said “how you lot doing” being all sweet and cute

Dan acknowledged Coop and talked about how he’s been with them since the beginning and it was so cute

Woody kept waving adorably at the crowd with both hands like a 5-year-old kid

Charlie and Woody kept throwing drumsticks back and forth during Flaws and kept missing and eventually Woody just threw a bunch of sticks at Kyle 😂

Will SPRINTED in front of the camera guy made a really dorky face at the camera after Flaws before shuffling back to his guitar. He literally dragged his feet and shuffled.

Dan talked about how depressing the next song is and proceeded to play Fake It

I threw Dan a flower when he sang “flower through disarray” and he picked it up and threw it back at Courtney before laughing while singing the next lyrics like a NERD

People were crowd surfing and the entire band looked confused. Will looked slightly worried

I died

I’m HARDCORE Bastille trash once more


The Exchange - Olly from Years & Years, Wretch 32 and Dan from Bastille