The best feeling is when you go to a concert of your favorite artist exactly by the time you know all the songs but haven’t gotten tired of any of them. Basically at the peak of your obsession.

tattedupash  asked:

How would you describe the vibe of the upcoming album?

Dan: The upcoming album is kind of like a sad party album. It’s about going out for a night and trying to ignore the world that feels like something that’s imploding and it’s about distracting yourself with alcohol and friends and bad stuff. It’s about escapism and hedonism, and it’s kind of euphoric and sad. I think it’s some of the best music we’ve ever made.

I think one of the things I love most about all the members of Bastille is how incredibly supportive they are towards Dan, knowing how anxious he gets sometimes. It’s all the little things they say. Like when he’s explaining something and then says “sorry, that didn’t make any sense” and Kyle is calmly like “I liked it!” not making it a big deal. Or when during another interview Dan was like “I sound really pretentious when talking about it *the album*” and Woody just goes “No, go on!” with a slight smile. Dan once was being all like “oh I don’t go out much and I’m being really boring” or something like that when he was asked about the writing process for the second album and Will immediately stepped in and said “Dan is being really grown-up about it. We are really proud of him.” And honestly it warms my fucking heart.

On new year’s eve if you play Pompeii by Bastille at 11:59:09 then you’ll slide into 2018 with the lyrics ‘Does it almost feel like nothing’s changed at all?’ Now if that doesn’t sum up new year then I don’t know what will.

Start off your new year right!

A conversation every Bastille fan has had way too many times:

“What’s your favorite band?”

“They’re called Bastille!”

“Oh….I don’t know them.”

“Youve probably heard them on the radio. They sing Pompeii”


“*internal sigh* eh eh oh eh oh”