Kiss Me And Kill Me With Love
Sammy Fain, Dan Shapiro
Kiss Me And Kill Me With Love

Kiss Me and Kill Me With Love” from Ankles Aweigh (Original Broadway Cast)

music by Sammy Fain. lyric by Dan Shapiro.

performed by Jane Kean, Mark Dawson.

Not enough duets were written with this tango/samba/“So in Love” feel.  those are technical terms i learned from Emelius Browne’s correspondance college.

But seriously, I love the shit out this.

Masterpost of Musicals by Category/Style

You requested it, here it is! Some shows fall into multiple categories based on their style, and many things in the contemporary and pop/rock sections could easily be moved around between sections.  In addition, many modern musicals have aspects of both legit singing and belting, in which case I’ve tried to categorize them based on their overall feel. If you see that I’ve missed a show and want it included, shoot me a message and I’ll get it added!

Note: If you think something is miscategorized, just send me a message!  No big deal!  I certainly haven’t seen all of these shows, so I had to make assumptions based off of what I knew.  I don’t mind corrections at all, and will thank you for respectfully pointing out my mistake!  That being said, I kindly ask that you don’t passive aggressively tag this complaining about how a show is is in the wrong section.  I am so happy to change any mistakes, but being rude about it really serves no purpose.  :)

* indicates the Tony Award winner of Best Musical


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So this is it, this is your dream come true. This is what you gave your life for. With growing record sales and booked tours, you’ve clearly made it big within the vast world of sex, drugs and rock & roll. However, it’s not all gold and glory. Behind the veil of infamy resides lies and secrets that you’ve kept from family, friends and fans. With the never ending tours pushing you further and further from sanity and limb towards the brink of an all out breakdown, the only thing you can do is Hope For The Best!

When my father learned of my mother’s plan he clipped two articles out of the paper with the titles “Police Raid Yields Results” and “Drug House Seized.” He put them under a magnet on the refrigerator and underlined the worst parts. That night, as we prepared for dinner, Mom read them, nodded soberly, and said, “Bring them on.”
That summer my parents plowed, fertilized, hoed, mulched, and sampled the soil. They watered. They pinched leaves. And that August the mutant crop arrived. Ten bushy plants grew over eleven feet tall in our backyard, eclipsing the sunflowers in front of them. Far more weed than I could have smoked in a lifetime.

- Dan Shapiro, Mom’s Marijuana


I just backed this kickstarter, Robot Turtles. It’s a tabletop game that teaches 3-8 year olds programming principles and it looks awesome! 

From creator Dan Shapiro:

I’m a father of four year old twins.  Teaching them to program a computer is the single greatest superpower I can give them. I made Robot Turtles so that my kids could learn programming basics without needing a computer. In fact, they don’t even need to be able to read!

No, this is not (entirely) an effort to get little doodle programming and billable ASAP.


The 2nd best Home Improvement fan fiction I’ve ever fuckin’ seen, and that’s saying something.

This is Dan Shapiro, by the way.

US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro: When Israel needs America, Israel knows America has its back - 11 December 2014

US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro addressed the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference on Thursday, touting America’s security and economic coordination with Israel, while stressing Washington’s insistence that a two-state solution must be achieved.
Shapiro said that the United States’ enduring commitment to peace and Israel’s security remains a bedrock of US policy and is cherished by the American people as well.
“When Israel needs America, Israel knows America has its back,” Shapiro said.
US President Barack Obama and his administration are constantly looking for new opportunities for peace, Shapiro said.
A lasting peace settlement will only come through negotiations, he said. Palestinian unilateral moves are counterproductive and delay a settlement.
The US will try to renew peace as soon as possible after the election, or things could deteriorate, Shapiro warned. “There is no alternative to the two-state solution. There is no one-state alternative.”
“We believe it can be done,” he said.