“Obviously, correlations between behavior and stereotypes do exist. But when things are kind of feeding into heteronormativism, and the harmfulness of everyone is living inside of a patriarchy, and the bullying that exists within the male system with things threatening their masculinity, that’s just a bad thing, you know?”

You know what I love about aftg/tfc? Everyone is Reece King. Matt? Reece king. Dan? Also Reece king. Allison? Reece King with a blond wig. Renee? Reece King with a pastel wig. Nicky? Just give Reece a flower crown it’ll be great. Aaron and Andrew? Reece King squatting and pretending to be short with armbands and knifes for Andrew. Neil? Reece King with scars and red hair. Wymack? Reece King knowing he doesn’t get paid enough for this shit. Kevin? Reece King chugging vodka and eating baby carrots

  • phil lester: *blinks*
  • dan howell: 😩😩😩 yas!! king 👑 of closing his eyes briefly!!!! 💯💯💯 have you ever seen a more perf angel bean?? 😇 🙌🏻 👌🏻 moisten those eyes 👀 babe!!! why does he not have an award for this??? truly he is an underrated artist 😪 bitches better back off 😤 bc I AM PHIL 👏🏻 TRASH 👏🏻 NUMBER 👏🏻 ONE 👏🏻
newsies things that need to be on itunes

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MOON x dan deluca and joey barreiro

ANYTHING YOU CAN DO x mike faist and adam kaplan

ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN x liana hunt and adam kaplan

TO KISS A GIRL x ben fankhauser

WHAT YOU OWN x ben fankhauser and corey cott

LETTER FROM THE REFUGE x crutchie morris

HELLO PARADY x chaz wolcott, iain young and company

SANTA FE x joey barreiro

SHUT UP AND DANCE TAP RENDITION x dan deluca and company

KING OF NEW YORK / WHY SHOULD I WORRY x jacob kemp and company

TOP OF THE WORLD x ben cook

UNEMPLOYED x ben cook and josh burrage
Nobody noticed the mental illness at this early age. Why? Because he was getting straight A’s. And he was causing no problems. And he was a good kid.
—  Dan King, public defender, about James Holmes

anonymous asked:

Do you have masterlists or mini master lists with High School! Aus where Dan and Phil are really good friends but then they kiss/fall in love? So basically high school friends to lovers

All My Days I’ll Know Your Face - When a new kid starts at Phil’s school, Phil certainly doesn’t expect him to be everything he ever could have hoped for in a friend and more. Can he convince him to let go of the past and audition for the school musical? And what about those feelings that somehow seem to pop up when he least expects them?

can’t help the itch to touch- to kiss. (ao3) - deaf!phil and playboy!dan are best friends and people think they’re dating

Kings - Dan and Phil jokingly nominate each other for homecoming king and the whole school ships it.

Phase Five (ao3) - Dan suddenly realizes he wouldn’t mind having a boyfriend. He and Phil decide to make a plan to find Dan a boyfriend, but life, as usual, doesn’t go as expected.

PromDan knows Phil Lester as the popular kid in his school who everybody loves and adores. They never really talk to each other. Dan is surprised when Phil wants to talk to him and actually ends up asking him to the prom, which Dan had no intention of going to… until now.

Right in front of your eyes -  Phil starts to receive cute little love notes in his locker each morning, but he had no idea that the person sending them is closer than he thinks.

Something To Be Proud Of - High School AU where Dan and Phil drifted apart over the years but then they get paired up for a project and they become friends again and later they get together.

The Boy With The Beautiful Blue Eyes (ao3) - in which Dan falls head over heels for an artist with amazing eyes

This Love is IrrelevantDan or Phil are in a biology test or something and they try to tell the other the answer which is something like elephant and they think they say ‘I love you’

you’re my favorite person (ao3) - Dan had always been one the dickheads at school who bullied other people but Dan always seemed to favor picking on Phil. It wasn’t anything Phil couldn’t handle after he had dealt with it long enough to learn how to ignore it. That is until Dan’s teasing turned almost flirtatious. That was something Phil was not prepared to deal with.

- Sam

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