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Friendly reminder that you're loved and appreciated by many! <3

(late late late reply but a reply nonetheless) hey anon, this is so so kind!! it’s still so weird to me that people like me, in any capacity, and enjoy the things i make/say, but that also ppl take the time to tell me they do!! i can’t thank u enough for ur kindness, i am so overwhelmingly grateful to be in a position where people are so kind to me even though i don’t believe i deserve it. it’s ridiculous for me to think of myself as someone that people could feel even the smallest inclination of positivity and goodwill towards, so it still is something i find easy to dismiss or ignore when it’s shown to me that people do actually give a shit about me and what i do. i hope one day i can accept with at least some modicum of confidence that i am not the Worst Human to grace these mortal planes, but it’s a journey that takes time. self confidence aint built in a day, or some other adapted cliche, yada yada. again, thank you so much. your reminder was sorely needed right now so i can’t thank you enough xx

Nobody noticed the mental illness at this early age. Why? Because he was getting straight A’s. And he was causing no problems. And he was a good kid.
—  Dan King, public defender, about James Holmes

after wymack found out he was kevin’s dad do you think he started to pick out pieces of himself in kevin? I think it would be a lot of “damnit he has the same nose as me” or “what the hell we’re the exact same height how did I not notice” as well as “oh no it’s my fault he’s such a hardass” and “why couldn’t he just take after his mom? why does he have to be such an asshole all the time”

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imagine andrew and neil stuck at the top of a roller coaster tho

like most of my hc’s this turned out team centric, and is super freakin long

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okay but you all know that kevin day has that left handed complex. he complains senselessly about the lack of left handed scissors or ice cream scoops despite needing neither. he makes sure you know that you’re in his way when eating by elbowing you purposely but refuses to move to the end of the table. he shouts at anyone that makes fun of his handwriting because 1) it’s awful, and 2) it’s all smudgy. short story long, kevin day is the worst