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hi guys i was reading a fic on wattpad a while ago and my app crashed before i got the chance to save it to my library and im totally blanking on the title. basically dan was a hunter and protected london from demons and vampires. phil is a werewolf and he comes home to his parents clan and thats where he meets dan but he's really suspicious of him because he can't detect his scent and thinks dan is a demon. that's all i really read up to so i would be super grateful if anyone could find it xx

does anybody know this fic?

- Sam

Why is nobody discussing a heathers AU with good YouTube bois

JD: Matpat
Veronica: Natewantstobattle
Heather C.: Pewdiepie
Heather M.: Jacksepticeye
Heather D.: Markiplier
Ram & Kurt: Possibly Dan & Phil
Martha: Hunter or Andy

This is all I can think of people please hear me out I just wanna imagine Matt singing “Meant to be yours” and Nate singing “Dead Girl Walking” XD


i love him.
brilliant, boo

“elephants as big as whales” playradioplay!

Misplaced Emotions

Summary: Dan Howell is a vampire who’s lost his humanity, and all he wants is to fuck Phil Lester, who just so happens to be a vampire hunter.

TW: a million cuss words. casual mention of blood and death and sex and a (very calm/non descriptive) murder takes place bc dan’s a vampire and he be hungryyy

Word Count: 3k

here’s my halloween fic! I hope you like it ^__^

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Reign 4x03 Clip “Leaps of Faith”

the other day i was watching a movie with my mom and i kept talking to the characters and screaming whenever something bad happened and my mom was just- completely shook. she has never seen me express so much emotion in only two hours.
so she went and asked me why i was so involved in something that was fictional and I just stared at her and said, “The fandoms. They’ve changed me. I am one with them.”
and then i walked away..

like a fucking badass.