Over the past few years, I have been given some amazing opportunties. I’ve made some amazing memories an met some amazing people. Between the different concerts, road trips for these concerts, surprise meet and greets and losing sleep trying to win contests, I’ve been given so much and learned so much. I’ve never not been grateful for everything that I have. 

There is no greater feeling than going to a concert. Seeing so many people come together because of an artist or genre is a beautiful thing. I’ve been to a various amount of concerts throughout the past three years, majority of them being country. However, there are some pop concerts I’ve attended, but I will say that country concerts are the best concerts. There’s nothing quite like them. There’s something for everybody. There’s a drinking song if you’re a drinker, there’s a slow song if you’re in love, and there’s just songs that make you want to dance in general. 

Music overall is a beautiful thing. Country music has been a huge part of my life. The reason why I love country music so much is that every song has a story. It’s all so relateable, well, I mean, if you listen to the right songs, it’s all relateable. Country music isn’t what it used to be, and that’s what bothers me. Country rap and pop country should not be a thing. If I wanted to hear a pop song or a rap song when I turned on the radio, I would turn on a pop or rap channel. It’s annoying hearing people say they love country music, when they really only love the pop/rap country. No, that isn’t country music. 

Another reason why I love country music so much is that country artists care about their fans more than any other artists. 

Example 1: When Dan + Shay sent me flowers on Valentine’s Day

Example 2: Steven Lee Olsen sending me a pizza

Example 3: Dan Smyers from Dan + Shay buying a fan tickets to their show 

Example 4: Kelsea Ballerini leaving me tickets at will call to see her and Jana Kramer because I didn’t have tickets

Example 5: Blake Shelton rescued a man stranded in a flood in Oklahoma

I feel like interaction with fans is just as important as making good music. Whether it’s on Twitter, on stage, or in person, interaction is key. Here’s a cute story whenever I saw Jana Kramer, right before we left the house, I tweeted a selfie and a caption about going to see her that night, I tagged her in it, and whenever she was on stage that night, she pointed to me and told me she saw my post and that she loved my flower crown. She literally called me out when she was on stage and it was the coolest thing ever. So remember if you are in the music business, interaction is key. Your fans are what make you who you are in the music business, without them, you would not be where you are today, and I hope artists remember that. 


1. Me meeting Hunter Hayes November 14, 2013.

2. Me meeting Danielle Bradbery April 11, 2014

3. Hunter Hayes taking a selfie with me April 11, 2014

4.  Me meeting Canaan Smith April 21, 2015

5. Me meeting Chris Young July 2, 2015

6. Me meeting Cole Swindell December 12, 2014

7. Me meeting Dan + Shay April 21, 2015

8. Me meeting Dan + Shay April 21, 2015

9. Jana Kramer taking a selfie with me May 10, 2015

10. Me meeting Kelsea Ballerini May 10, 2015

11. A screenshot of a tweet from Steven Lee Olsen the day he sent me pizza

12. My flowers from Dan + Shay February 14, 2015

13. My attempted selfie with Shay Mooney from Dan + Shay April 11, 2014

14. Frankie Ballard grabbing my hand on stage June 26, 2015

You Could Be a Politician
  • You Could Be a Politician
  • Analog Rebellion
  • Cavanaugh, Something (Pre-Sides and Varieties)

Song: You Could Be A Politician

Artist: Analog Rebellion

Album: Cavanaugh, Something (Pre-Sides and Varieties)

“If you could speak as well as you give head, you could be a politician. A real successful heavyweight, firebreathing senator from the north. If you would read books as much as you drink, you’d be Steven Hawking, but who am I kidding, you’re a worthless washed up waste of air. If i could have a dollar for every time that you complained about your parents. I don’t give a shit, they’re not that much worse than anybody else’s. I’m not talking to anymore bloody lawyers. We’re not talking to anymore god damned lawyers I hear by refuse to speak to any additional lawyer. I will die before I talk to another god damned fucking lawyer.”

New VAMPIRE HUNTER D Animated Series in Development | Nerdist

A bit late, but this is amazing news. It’s about time!

In the novels, D encounters countless weird monsters and has death-defying adventures every other minute. If this new program is going to use material from any of the books, which story would you most like to see animated?