I think that the point of it isn’t that we’re the best generation, or another generation is the best generation, the point is that every generation should be striving to be the best generation. It’s about the ideal, not about the accomplishment.
—  Dan Soupy Campbell, on “The Greatest Generation” 

@Jamiebower: 4 friends. 3 guitars. 1 drum kit. a whole lotta love and a few swears. we do this all for you .THANK YOU. x

Then they say he is emotional… adorable!

Campbell is in Fact Waking a Sleeping Giant! - Dolphins are Alive and Well!

Campbell is in Fact Waking a Sleeping Giant! – Dolphins are Alive and Well!

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The Miami Dolphins are finally playing like the team we all expected them to before the season started. Dan Campbell talked for two weeks about change and toughness, on Sunday he put all that talk into action. This team looked a lot different from the one that played the first 4 games of the season. They looked like they were having fun again. The result was a dominate Dolphins win that we all…

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Kevin Coyle Decision Comes Today, Thoughts on Dan Campell's Introduction

Kevin Coyle Decision Comes Today, Thoughts on Dan Campell’s Introduction

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Yesterday during Dan Campell’s introduction to the media a reporter asked Campell if he’s made any decision on personal yet, Campell was quick to discard that question saying that he hasn’t thought about that yet. Its been about 24 hours since he has been promoted to interim Head Coach and the discussion of his defense and their production has to have been discussed by now. Pro Football Talk…

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The Wonder Years (6/19/2012)

So the show tonight was ridiculously amazing. Soupy aimed the mic at me for the “I’m just a fucked up kid.” Easily one of my favorite lines by them. The set was PERFECT. Got a stick after and got everyone in the band to sign it. Soupy is also the coolest, most down to earth guy ever and Josh is fucking chill and they’re all the nicest dudes you could ever meet. I just kept thanking them for signing stuff and the awesome set and they’d just keep thanking me right back every time. In retrospect, I wish I’d asked Soupy some a couple things, but I didn’t wanna be that annoying kid after the show. Tonight was just the show I needed to let a lot of shit out. Pics up eventually if anyone cares.

The whole world wants you to be miserable. It wants you to put your head down, sigh to yourself and give up on being happy, and I know just as well as anyone that sometimes, giving up seems like the only option, but if you take one thing from this record I hope it’s this. Don’t give those mother-fuckers an inch. Stand your ground every chance you get because everybody deserves a chance to be happy.“