Thank you SO much to Nick for being at the Mind of Mirrors panel and filming everything, especially this extra little video of Thacky being handed over to the panel.

Thanks again for capturing these memories for me! :3 Even though I don’t really trust D with the way he is handling my hare

You can find parts 1 and 2 of the full panel HERE.


My stickers from Redbubble finally arrived! :D About time XD

I went with stickers this time around :3 I like them.

A Dan & Leland, Q*Bert, two adorable MarchMouse and Five and Dime themed March Hare by Mishy Belle and Hatter and Alice from Brianna Garcia.

:) Okay, week slowly getting better now.


Make sure check out their albums on Itunes here

Dan and Leland - Genghis Cohan - Red Show part 1   Part 2 (X)


Dan and Leland - Part Two (10/11/13)

anonymous asked:

Who exactly are Dan and Leland? Where did you hear about them? Why are they your favorite band? (sorry I'm very curious)

;qwoihrpwrij;sliafd I LOVE THIS QUESTION! Okay so Dan and Leland are this amazing duo, Dan Franklin and Leland Jackness, who play guitars and sing. I was a fan of Dan before I knew about the band, so that’s how I heard about them. And as to why they are my favorite band, honestly, everything about them. Their lyrics are deep and personal, and they write all of their own music. Their guitar skills are absolutely incredible. You can tell they have great passion for what they do! Their music has gotten me through depression, family tragedy, basically everything, and they are the reason I met Kylie, and through her, Sammy, two of my closest friends. They’re humble, and their fans mean a lot to them.  They are genuinely wonderful people. That’s why I love them. They’re basically just the best!

I wasn’t sure this was going to be posted, since I don’t want to annoy anyone with song lyric paintings… but I decided this one at least will get posted. The others might just stay with me. 

Come into Your own is my all time favorite Dan and Leland song for a thousand reasons, and I won’t bore you by listing them. It just gives me hope, and reminds me to keep going. 


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