Most of you know I have been working on a Graphic Novel called “Mind of Mirrors” with the group Dan and Leland.

This Weekend is Long Beach Comic & Horror Con and Saturday at 4pm in room 102C, we’ll be holding a panel about the book and the soundtrack. Dan Franklin, Leland Jackness (writers/musicians), Brianna Garcia (colorist) and myself will be discussing the book, showing new art, taking questions and the boys will also perform a couple of tracks from the soundtrack.

Tickets are still available for the Long Beach Comic Con through they’re website: http://www.longbeachcomiccon.com/buy-tickets.php

I’m hoping to have a special limited edition “Mind of Mirrors” print ready for the show, I will keep you updated. BUT… I am going to show you the first six pages from the book right now! Hopefully you’ll be able to make it to the show and if you’re already going, swing by our panel and check it out!

Brianna and I will also be in Artist Alley both Saturday and Sunday. Booths 1700/1701 (me) 1702 (Brianna)

C'ya there!

Dan, Leland, Tom and Brianna discuss the successful Kickstarter campaign for the  upcoming graphic novel and soundtrack Mind of Mirrors and play a few songs from the album

Part 2 of the panel  X 


Thank you SO much to Nick for being at the Mind of Mirrors panel and filming everything, especially this extra little video of Thacky being handed over to the panel.

Thanks again for capturing these memories for me! :3 Even though I don’t really trust D with the way he is handling my hare

You can find parts 1 and 2 of the full panel HERE.


My stickers from Redbubble finally arrived! :D About time XD

I went with stickers this time around :3 I like them.

A Dan & Leland, Q*Bert, two adorable MarchMouse and Five and Dime themed March Hare by Mishy Belle and Hatter and Alice from Brianna Garcia.

:) Okay, week slowly getting better now.

I’m so excited for the Dan and Leland concert for MULTIPLE reasons.
1. Their music is perfection with a melody.
2. I love the performers.
3. Their music literally always puts me in a good mood.
4. I get to finally meet an internet friend!
I’m so excited and happy, I feel like I’m going to explode… I’m on the edge of tears man… I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!


Make sure check out their albums on Itunes here

Dan and Leland - Genghis Cohan - Red Show part 1   Part 2 (X)