D: “You said yourself that the odds are in Louis’ favor.”
B: “And he will be an amazing father. But what if it’s Chuck’s? I know. You’re right. I’ll open it, immediately after my interview with "Hello!” magazine. I can’t face the press if I’ve just heard unsettling news. I need to look like Grace Kelly, not Grace Coddington.“

DAIR REWATCH ⇢ 5.03 The Jewel of Denial

yo what if they make betty and jughead siblings like dan and serena because alice x fp is literally giving me lily x rufus vibes

this show reminds me so much of gossip girl pls i need to vent about how betty = serena, veronica = blair, jughead = dan, archie = nate

i mean is beronica not blerena also i’m ready for my dair 2.0 aka jeronica

First of all I was not a fan of Chuck and Blair, sorry if anyone of you are ‘chair shippers’ but that relationship for me reminded me so much of Kara and Mon-El-it was toxic and destructive. Then CW had to pair up dan and blair, started with a friendship with banters and intellectual common grounds, it was healthy, eventually they became a couple, because there were passionate fans, and the actors loved the dynamics. But because the ‘chair’ ship kind of beat the ‘dair’ ship, they ended the Dan and Blair relationship, and do I need to tell you once again the CW ruined that healthy relationship between two characters. It kind of broke my heart because it was a slow burn and I’m such a sucker to those kind of relationship started of as frenemies, then became friends, and eventually can’t deny the romantic tension…

And then here comes Supercorp, another one of those. It didn’t matter if this was between two female characters, like honest to God, why would it matter as long as two characters have undeniable chemistry, great plotline and character development, I’m up for it. Then it brought me back those dan and blair moments, because i swear, there were a lot of parallels. and it’s also a slow burn, i don’t care if they will end up being a couple…but I’m kind of inclined to believe that CW will shake up this relationship..and I can be very very afraid because If I see Lena and Kara starting to hate each other…I will be very very upset. I just love my babies…and they have this healthy relationship that really should be showcased in telivision,


When you loose a best friend, it’s worse than breaking up with a boyfriend. Because you lose more than a heart, you lose a little bit of yourself.
—  M.