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Hello, I know you probably have a fair amount of fanfics to work on at the moment and you don't have to add this little aspect to your stories if you don't want to. But do you think Dan would have a nickname/pet name for the reader character in your stories? Like something really sweet in public and something a bit more intimate in the bedroom?

Hey, good question.

I feel like he’d mostly call her baby and babygirl in public occasionally he may drop a sweetheart in there as well or a my angel if he thinks you’re upset about something and need comfort or reassurance. He’s also jokingly refer to you as being his better half or occasionally joking self deprecatingly say you’re the more attractive half. I also think he’d call you something goofy like shmoops or jelly bean just because he’s a giggly nerd and to be honest so are you. You would totally christen him with an equally goofy pet name. I’m voting for Bibbles or you might just affectionately call him a dork and leave it at that.  

In the bedroom he might still use babygirl, but he might get a bit more romantic about it especially during slower intimate moments; like maybe using my love or my heart. He might also just say my [Y/N] or just mine if he’s feeling a bit more possessive in the heat of the moment. If he’s feeling more emotional over stress or a bad day he might call you his soulmate or my everything. 

Also bonus info I feel like if they are in public and he feels like his girl is being hit on or he is being hit on he’ll purposely use overly mushy petnames like honeybun or cuddle bunny or babykins. He knows it get’s the point across that you’re both taken. He also knows it makes you laugh and he lives to make the people he loves laugh. 


Giggly baby giving this a go!

Dan Jams: Tool - Third Eye (and others)
Super Mario Bros 3 - Part 5
Dan Jams: Tool - Third Eye (and others)

DAN: You know how I fuckin’- I just realized this! You know how I heard about Bill Hicks for the first time?
ARIN: How?
DAN: He’s in that Tool song. Uh.. Third Eye? Do you know what I’m talking about?
ARIN: Which one?
DAN: …Um.. Third Eye?
ARIN: [both laugh] I was hoping you’d hum it.
DAN: Oh. It’s-it’s not really hum-able. It’s a very screamy one.
ARIN: Oh it’s one of those like- ...[making noises]
DAN: Oh, damn it- ah- ah!
ARIN: One of those?
DAN: I couldn’t get outta there.
ARIN: Or is it one of the like Von Satan ones where it’s like- [starts making more noises]
DAN: It’s sorta like that. It’s the last um- it’s the last song on Ænima. And uh, and uh it just it does Bi- it starts with Bill Hicks’ thing he’s like- See I think drugs have done good things for us. And do me a favor, if you don’t think drugs have done good things for us, go home, take all your CDs, all your tapes, all your records and burn ‘em. 'Cuz those musicians that made that music that has enriched your life so much? Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrreal fucking high on drugs. [both giggling] Yaay! Yeah! Oh. Next time on Game Drugs.
ARIN: Game Drugs?
DAN: Yeah…


I’d buy the heck out of these, to be honest.

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