dan's laugh tho

Connect the Dots

Genre: movie reviewer!phil, actor!dan, wrong number AU

Warnings: none :) just some talking to strangers on the internet but you’re all familiar with that

Word Count: 6k

Summary: based on this prompt

Dan’s a famous actor who gets a text from an unknown number one day, and Phil’s a movie reviewer who just wants to find his Adventure Time sweater, and has trouble connecting the dots when the unknown number continues to reply to him.

(phil’s less like ‘shit’ and more like ‘….sHiT’at the end but otherwise :))))) THANK YOU)

A/N: this was a Fun Time and i should technically be doing culminating tasks and exam review but that can wait. super duper close to 1k by the way wtf how did that happen thank you

(bolded text = phil’s text messagese // non bolded = dan’s just mini psa)

read on ao3

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Just wanted to say that TATINOF was amazing! Love to @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil for one of the best nights ever! 💜✌🏻️