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A veteran reporter was arrested while trying to ask Trump cabinet member Tom Price a question

  • Dan Heyman, a West Virginia-based producer and reporter for Public News Service, has been a journalist for about 30 years. 
  • On Wednesday night, he was arrested in the West Virginia State Capitol, reportedly for trying to ask visiting Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price a question as the official walked through a hallway.
  • Heyman was following Price and Conway as they walked through the Capitol, trying to ask the official whether or not the new health care bill would allow domestic violence to be considered a pre-existing condition.
  • But, while Heyman was trying to get answers out of Price, a Capitol officer stopped him, handcuffed him and arrested him — later charging him with “willful disruption of state government processes,” the Post reported. He was released on a $5,000 bail. Read more (5/10/17)

Well maybe for some people school started last week but still I hope this post it’s helpful. I had a lot of experiences with backpacks through my highschool years and now in college/ university.

For me the most comfortable way of carrying all my necessities is a backpack and not a bag, here is why:

- Backpack are comfortable and have so much more space
- They come in all shape and sizes and are customizable.
- Easy to wash and a little less expensive.
- No pain on your shoulder or arm because of the heaviness of a bag.

Now for the reason of the post, this for me are the essential things you should have:

- Notebook/iPad: for taking notes and searching in class.

-Journal: for the important dates and thoughts.

-Stationary: Pens (Stabilo, Pilot G2, Muji, Zebra, Staedtler), markers (Sharpie, Zebra Mildliner), washi tape, erasers, sharper, mini stapler and pencils.

- Book of preference: this will help to kill time through your free periods. (Mine right now is Inferno by Dan Brown)

-Water and energy: Remember to carry your bottle of water and some snacks for boosting your energy like energy bars (personally I like Nature Valley), blueberries, cranberries, some cookies, etc…

- Bag of makeup: I’m no the kind of persons who likes to have this item on her bag but it’s a life saver for emergencies, in it I have: compact powder, the lipstick or lipbalm, mascara, Kleenex and tiny container (like those round of Nivea for creams or balm) with Vaseline, this odd container with the Kleenex will help you if you have a smudge mascara and even if you made a mistake with your brows.

-Headphones: for studying, canceling noise or just simply killing time with good music or audio book.

This is what i carry on my backpack, believe me it’s so much easier if your use one and not a bag for example: I have a friend that loves her Nine West giant bag and use it for school but she complains about the weight of her things (laptop included), yes bag are pretty and make you look girly but they are a pain in the ass and you don’t want pain or marks on your shoulders specially on those long days.

So my advice girls is if you don’t feel comfortable with a backpack like Jansport or Kanken types find a Instagram one like this ones, comfort doesn’t mean ugly.



I hope you found useful this post guys, I would love to know what is in your backpack or bag 🙆🏻✨ and exchange tips.

Pen pal!!

Hello! I’m a 15 (almost 16) year old girl from Norway, who really wants a pen pal to send letters to!

I dont have any requirements, but i would prefer to really get to know you through these letters! Just message me if you are interested, i dont bite, i promise!

Of course, i would (understandably i hope) prefer people from the age range of 13-19, as older may be a bit weird. Hope it’s alright

Lots of love xx

hello! i’m abigail and i just started my tiny blog and i have a request! 

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(sorry if i clog up a tag i just want lots of people to see this!!)


→ I had a very calm lazy day today

→ I did a little bit of French, cleaned up my bullet journal, and watched Dan and Phil at Vidcon through a crap quality periscope 

→ I wanted to film a YouTube video but I didn’t feel like putting makeup on, so unfortunately I didn’t get around to that

→ I love days alone at home, I wish I had more of them, and I always feel like I can be more productive and less stressed when there is no one else around

→ Please reblog this and follow me I’m still a very tiny studyblr !!

Flower Boy

Summary: Phil’s a little shy with his newfound friend during a school field trip.

Genre: High School AU, flower boy!pastel!Phil, punk!Dan

Warnings: none

A/N: So I wrote this instead of doing my astronomy homework. It’s short and sweet, not much editing, but I love it. I’m a huge sucker for pastel!phil and punk!dan, though. This is dedicated to the anon that said they’d love to read this and @dooloonoo since this is her favorite trope. Hope you guys enjoy! Also, a new chapter of Sugar on Top will be out soon. I promise.

Maybe I’ll make a Part Two of this someday.

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