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I see your Kevin has dimples and raise you an Andrew has dimples but no one sees them bc he never smiles

honestly i would die for this hc. like andrew and aaron rarely smile so no one knows. but then when katelyn starts hanging out with the foxes a lil bit more there’s like a chance of one of them catching aaron smiling… but like no one cares about aaron so it takes a while? but there’s a picture. and aaron’s in the background. and allison looks back on her photos from the night and she just goes. holy fuck that’s a dimple. dan’s like “yeah who cares?” and allison just looks her right in the eyes and says “andrew has dimples.

but no one has PROOF and as we all know, it’s not true until u see it. so there are bets on whether he has them, whether he’ll ever smile, will it be because of neil, is it only one dimple or both, etc. etc. these are probably the longest standing bets among the foxes, the few that have lasted from the psu years until years after graduation because the boy does not smile. literally not ever. what the fuck. (the foxes are gonna be patient about it.)

and neil knows about the bets even though he doesn’t take part. he’s like. who even cares? it’s just… ur face goin in instead of out what the fuck. (bless him he doesn’t understand). he makes 0 attempts to make andrew smile because he knows andrew’s happier and he knows at least that andrew’s content so that’s enough for him. and he’s seen aaron’s dimples, there’s nothing that special about them? what the fuck



he manages to catch andrew off-guard. one day, years and years on, when neil’s all but forgotten that the others are so intent on seeing these alleged-dimples, andrew’s relaxed. it’s warm, the cats are purring somewhere nearby without breaking shit, neil’s made him coffee and they have nowhere to be, and neil says something utterly characteristic and hilarious, and andrew breathes out a laugh. which isn’t particularly new. but there’s… somewhat a smile? and neil just like,,, stares. which andrew is used to. so he doesn’t comment.

(neil has to text all of the foxes, immediately, and doesn’t realise/care he used the group chat that andrew and aaron are BOTH in. he receives death threats from both.)


Dimples - Dan Howell X Reader

Warning: dangerously cheesy and some fluff

It was a cute, harmless nickname you had started calling him recently. At first it caught him off guard a bit, since you had never mentioned his dimples before, and they were just a small detail on his face.

But you loved them.

You were lounging about Dan and Phil’s apartment, trying to keep yourself occupied while they were editing together. You had checked tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you had eaten half a bag of marshmallows, and you had begun binge watching cute DIYs. They had been up there for ten years (at least you felt that way.) You got off YouTube to text him:

From Y/N: Hey Dimples, when are you guys going to finally be finished? :)

From Dan: Soon. Why the sudden fascination with my face? :P

From Y/N: I’ve always had quite a fascination with your face.

From Dan: Okay, why the interest in my dimples?

From Y/N: Come see me and I’ll tell you ;P

From Dan: UGH.

You smiled and locked your phone before setting it beside you and turning to lay on your back to think. How were you going to explain how you felt about the dimples?

After around ten minutes of you sitting in silence, you felt someone lift your legs up.You opened your eyes and looked down and saw Dan had sat and laid your legs across his lap. You sat up and gave him a small, quick peck on his lips. You softly laughed, “Hey there, took you long enough.”

“Sorry, love. I’m just trying to be as productive as I can.” He flashed you a cheeky smile with a little wink, and your heart melted.

Instead of thinking of a better way to start, you simply blurted out, “I love your dimples, Dan.”

He laughed a bit, asking,“Why though?”

You sighed, then lifted your hands to gently hold his face. “Because, they’re something that makes you you. I love your eyes, they are the most perfect shade of brown to ever be blended and when you actually go outside the sun shines on them and they look golden.” You felt his cheeks heat up a little under your fingers, but kept going. “I love your hair right after you shower when it’s curly, you think it makes you look like a poodle but it’s actually very attractive and charming.” You lean over and kiss the tip of his nose. “I love your nose.” You kiss under both his eyes,“I love when you stay up too late and when you wake up you seem child-like tired and lazy.” You quickly peck his lips, “I love your smile, your laughs, and your kisses.” He smiles at your words, making the main subject appear. You slowly kiss both his dimples, then he rests his forehead on yours, both your noses almost touching. “And I love your dimples. They make your smile your smile, which is the most precious and important thing to me. I want you to smile and be happy, always. That’s why I love your dimples, Dan.”

“Y/N..” He says your name in such a hushed tone it’s almost a whisper. He slowly closes the gap between you, kissing you sweet and gently, his hands finding your waist and yours moving behind his neck. The kiss doesn’t last too long, but long enough to take your breath away. He barely pulls away, resting his head on yours again. “Y/N, you are always the reason I smile. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” Your lips reconnect, and you can’t help but smile. He was all yours. His smile was yours, his kisses were yours, but most importantly, so were his dimples.