Phan fluff? Dan and Phil are flatmates, but Phil has a crush on Dan. One night, Dan gets really wasted at a bar and drunkenly calls Phil. Phil gets worried and picks Dan up. The two of them go home, and Phil cares for a drunk Dan. At the end of the night when Phil is putting Dan to bed, Dan slips out that he loves him. You can decide where it goes from there. :)

A/N: This is the first Phanfiction I’ve ever posted online so please be kind. <3

Bzzzz! Bzzzz!

I felt the vibrations through my pocket; I reached for my phone, eyes still focused on the TV screen. “Hello?”

“Phiiiiiilllllll.” Dan murmured into the phone, his voice slurred.

“Hi Dan.” I responded, putting my controller down and listening to him.

“Phillll.” Dan repeated, hiccupping.


“Philllll… I am haaaaving the beest…” He stopped to hiccup. “Best time tonight!”

“I’m glad to hear it,”

Dan laughed through the phone, “Oh god! This club is AMAZING!”

Wait. Club?

Dan was meeting up with some old friends from uni tonight. They had originally planned to go out for dinner, and then maybe go out for a few drinks at a local bar. Clearly plans had changed a little.

“ANOTHER ROUND OF DRINKS ON ME!” Dan shouted into the phone.

Oh no… he’s drunk. He always does something stupid when he’s drunk.

“Dan, what the hell…?” I questioned. “Are you- are you drunk?”

“I m-m-might be…” Dan cut himself off, slurring over his words. “Just s-slightly, just slightly intoxicated.”

Sounded like a little more than slightly to me.

“Jesus Dan…” I muttered into the phone, “Where are you? Let me come pick you up.”

“Phiiiiiil,” Dan tried to reassure me. “I’m fiiiine, don’t worry about me.”

“Just tell me where you are.”

I grabbed my coat and left the apartment. What an idiot.

Every single time he goes drinking he gets wasted, does something stupid, and wakes up the next morning feeling like shit, and I’m always stuck taking care of him all day. At the start of the New Year, he promised himself he’d stop doing things like this. He promised me he’d stop doing things like this…

It’s not like he’s an alcoholic, or at least, he’d never admit he was. He’s always had a bit of problem with alcohol, and alcohol’s always had a problem with him. I’ve seen him fixing himself the occasional drink on days when he’s particularly stressed out, and I always tell him to stop… I don’t want him to be that type of person. I don’t want anything to happen to him.

Dan and I have been friends for years, and for all that time I’ve been in love with him. I don’t mind taking care of him when he feels crappy, but I don’t want him hurting himself… I care about him too much.

After a short bus ride, I made it to the club. It was some weird place, I had never heard of it before.

“I’m just looking for a friend,” I told the bouncer as I flashed my ID. He nodded and I went inside. The place was packed, but thank God for me Dan likes to stick by the bar.

I walked over to him and watched as he chugged another shot. “WOO!” He exclaimed, hitting his glass against the counter.

I walked towards him, shaking my head. God, why shots? He’s always worse with shots.

“PHIL!” He shouted happily, seeing me approach him. “I-I’m sooooo glad you’re here! Let’s dance or something.”

I shook my head, he was such a different person when he was drunk. “Nope, come on. We’re going home.”

“Buuuuut Phiiiiil.” Dan pleaded. “Come onnnn. D-dance with meeee.”

I shot him a dirty look, “What about your friends, do they all have rides home?”

Dan nodded, “Yeah, M-mel was g-gonna be our DD.”

I nodded back, “Okay. Let’s get you home then.”

I spent the cab ride home in silence, Dan was talking about all sorts of nonsense. Thankfully for me, the ride was short. We had to take the lift back up to our room, there was no way in hell I was going to try to help with stairs.

I opened the door to our apartment and Dan stumbled in, flopping down onto the couch. I turned on the TV so he could have something to distract him while I went to get him some water.

“Have you eaten anything?” I asked from the kitchen.

Dan shook his head, “Not hungry.”

I sat down next to him and handed him a glass of water, “Drink it. It’ll help.”

Dan did as told. “Come on Phil,” He urged after taking a sip, “It’s a Saturday night, we should go somewhere!”

I shook my head. He really was an idiot. “You’re not going anywhere else,” I paused, “Besides, it’s late. You should go to bed, otherwise you’ll feel like shit tomorrow.” As if he wasn’t going to feel that way anyway.

I helped him up and off the couch and walked with him to his room, “I’ll be right back,” I told him as I went to the bathroom to fetch him a bucket, he’d need it in the morning, as well as a cold cloth, he often got overheated when he was drunk.

When I returned to Dan’s room, he was already lying in bed, snuggled into his blankets.

“Here,” I put the bucket on his dresser and the cloth on his bedside table, “You’ll need it.”

I turned around to leave the room, flicking the light as I went. “Goodnight,”

That’s when I heard a soft mutter, "I love you, Phil.”

I stopped in my tracks, unsure if I heard him correctly. “Y-you… what…?”

“I love you.” Dan repeated, “I do.” I could hear the smile in his voice. “You’re good to me.” He added with a yawn. “And I love you.”

Before I could say another word, Dan was sound asleep. I closed the door, bewildered. Dan Howell… was in love with me? That had to have been the drunkenness talking….. or was it?

That next morning I awoke to the sound of gagging and coughing, same sound as any other morning when Dan got drunk the night before.

I walked to the bathroom, Dan was curled over the toilet, vomiting his guts out.

“Hey buddy.” I smiled slightly, “You feeling okay?”

Dan looked up at me, “Do I look fucking okay to you?”

I shook my head, “Last night was kinda crazy for you, huh?”

Dan nodded back, flushing the toilet and pulling out his toothbrush. “Yeah. I don’t remember anything.”

My heart sank. “Nothing, not a thing?”

Dan turned back to me, “Why, did I do something?” He began scrubbing at his teeth, trying to get the taste of vomit out of his mouth.

I shrugged, I didn’t know what to say. “I mean… kind of…?”

Dan removed the toothbrush from his mouth, “Well… what did I do?” He slurred through a mouth of toothpaste.

I could feel myself blushing as I twiddled my thumbs, “You… um… you said you loved me.”

Dan’s face immediately flushed a bright red and he spat out his toothpaste. “I did?”


He rinsed off his toothbrush and we let a minute pass in silence, “Um… well… I mean…”

I walked closer to him, “Do you?”

Dan’s face turned even redder as he tried to back away slightly, “No… I mean, well, um…” He really was an awful liar.

Oh my god. Dan Howell loves me…

I cornered him against a wall and grabbed his hand in mine, “It’s okay.”

Dan didn’t know what to say, and I didn’t know what to say. So I pressed my lips against his, and let that do the talking for me. When our lips disconnected, I smiled against him, “I love you too.”

The Most Beautiful Melody

Summary: Dan and Phil’s daughter wants to surprise them
Genre: Flufffff, parent!Phan 
Word count: 883
Beta: theinvisiblephan (thank you for reading it even though you’re busy! ^_^)
Disclaimer: I do not own Dan or Phil and I’m not saying that Phan is real. This piece of phanfiction is also a piece of fiction (stop the press!) and I’m not saying that any of this actually happened.
Warnings: None!
A/N: I wrote most of this at work. Nap time is a productive time. :D

Dan was editing his new video in the office when he heard running steps coming towards him and a franctic voice shouting.

“Daddy, daddy, come quickly!”

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tatinof is officially over and i actually cannot believe it. this tour allowed me to meet some of my best internet friends, live the best day of my life, tell dan and phil how much they mean to me, and to truly be my happiest self. i’m still amazed at all the hard work they put into this show and i wouldn’t trade that day for the world.

thank you sarah, maggie, rebecca, maddie, em, haley, kat, keily, jul, mel, dan, kristen and grace for making my experience 1008483947 times better