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the life and times of ryan ross pt 8


welcome all! make sure to thank @jen–ne–sais–quoi for the existence of these posts because the poor thing asked to know about ryan and now she probably knows more than she ever wanted to!

here in our final chapter, we shall see what ryan has been up to from where we left off in 2015 to as current as we can be as of today (feb 26, 2017) this is mostly links and pictures because he didn’t actually do a whole lot

alright, early 2015. pretty much all ryan ross does is spend time with friends, mostly dan keyes and ryland blackinton. he goes to coachella and looks lovely in his hawaiian shirt. 

he also posted some teasers about making music on instagram, but we saw no new music. 

the most important thing about 2015 is ryan’s beard. 

look at it. it’s glorious. 

in february/march of 2015 zayn has left one direction (this is a ryan ross post, why is she talking about one direction??? it’s relevant, i promise.) someone thought it would be funny to edit the 1d wikipedia page to day that ryan ross had joined the band. 1d fangirls lost their minds. ryan tweeted “ You guys got it all wrong, the four remaining members of One Direction are joining MY band” 

if you look at his twitter throughout 2015, some of the tweets are vastly different than others. it could’ve been him on drugs, it could’ve been shane morris. personally, i think it was more shane, but the other is a possibility. also in june 2015, he got super fucked up and crashed a PHASES show. there are pictures of it out there, but i don’t think it’s really appropriate to share them. i also vaguely remember someone (z maybe?) asking for them to not be shared because ryan was really embarrassed and upset about it. about the incident he said “Def was having too much fun at the Phases show tonight, I promise I’ll never do it again  again” so there’s that.

then in july ryro got a girlfriend! he began dating model helena vestergaard and it seemed really good for him. it was certainly good for all of us fans because he posted so much while they were together. she also posted a lot about him. there were so many ryan pictures. it was glorious. here are some pics

then the next most important thing of 2015 happened. 

dorothy ross. 

ryan and helena got the cutest puppy in the world

from then on his instagram is pretty much dottie, but none of us mind because she’s precious. 

we also got this monstrosity

that’s all i’m gonna say about that. more helena and dottie pictures. then we get a picture where ryan tells us he’s taking vocal lessons!! and then he posted a teeny clip of a new song!!! more dottie & helena. a video of him learning to box?

don’t forget that this era of ryan likes hockey and baseball. he watches both and plays hockey too. 

halloween 2015. the fucking party. so. you thought we were done talking about brendon urie. we’re not. by 2015, he and ryan are not talking, at all. brendon usually avoids talking about ryan at all. then adam levine (yes, that one) has a halloween party. ryan’s invited because he’s best friends with mickey madden. he goes as a gremlin. well, a mogwai because he’s fuzzy and not scaly, but yeah. 

brendon, dressed as a skeleton and with sarah, was also there. as far as i’m aware, they basically didn’t even talk. brendon goes on to mention it a million times.

btw, by this point ryan doesn’t use his twitter anymore, it’s all just instagram links. there were some tweets earlier in the year that i’ll be talking about in my shane morris companion piece, but basically, shane likes to troll ryan’s fans by tweeting things or posting things on facebook then quickly deleting them.

also in 2015, ryan posts a picture of what seem to be song titles along with promises for making new music (the “shut the fuck up” was in response to someone telling him to go to bed btw) 

we’re now at the end of 2015. it seems like this is when ryan finally disconnects his twitter from his instagram because (except for one) his tweets stop and his instagram continues. he has also dropped shane morris as his manager (thank god)

near the beginning of 2016, ryan tells us that he has written a song for a band called agelast (sadly, that is pronounced ah-gel-ist, not age-last) he posted on both twitter and facebook about this. i’m inclined to believe both posts were actually him, not shane, but who knows. there was this comment on the facebook page that would be nice if it was from him. 

then, also early 2016, he and helena broke up. he was all set to fly to visit her in australia on a long term modeling job, and maybe he did, but that was that on helena vestergaard. she deleted all traces of him from her social media. he continued to play hockey and post pictures of dottie. 

he also bought 5 pounds of sour patch kids, causing all of us to fear for his health. then he starts to become a bit of a recluse. he posts a lot less frequently and it’s usually dottie pictures. 

then he goes to a renaissance fair and saves lives with his look 

easily the most important part of 2016 was when ryan did a surprise performance with dan keyes’ band cologne at emo nite la. it’s everything. EVERYTHING. watch it now. it felt like a nice comeback and he looked GOOD

we also got another tiny song clip. more pictures and videos of dottie. he also modeled some new PHASES merch with Z and Langley 

he went to the beach and we were blessed with this glorious image 

then he turned 30! and jeremy burke & alison harvard threw him a mini party at midnight with pizza! 

also sometime in august, his demo ep was deleted from soundcloud (his whole soundcloud was deleted) along with his site going down and his facebook page being deleted. the only thing we know is actually ryan is his instagram. 

then came halloween. with costumes in the past like et, a sloth, and a gremlin, we knew he would not disappoint. he was link from legend of zelda and he spent a good amount of the party (adam levine’s again, bden was not there) with victoria asher and gabe saporta from cobra starship. have some pics. 

(that’s gabe beside him)

then he “drank some blood” in this adorable video with his vocal coach

throughout 2016, a director named dan adams (glitterworldinc on insta) had been tagging ryan in a lot of pictures. i’m going to make a companion piece for him as well, but i’ll mention him here. he posts pictures of ryan, sometimes with strange captions, sometimes with rude captions. many pictures didn’t have ryan in them, but he was tagged. some pictures were of ryan’s house or around echo park. see more about that in the companion piece. lots of speculation went on about what he was doing with ryan. we’ll get to that in a minute. something more exciting now. the longest clip of new music that makes me cry every single time i listen to it, that callback line. (fun fact, z commented on it and called him space boi which is where i get one of my tags for him)

he looked beautifully goth for new years 

now we’re in 2017!

we found out this year that all the things glitterworldinc had been posting are because ryan’s going to be in his new movie!! he’s playing a character named Dewey Parsons in daniel adams’ new movie starmaker

the newest picture we have from ryan himself is this

and dan adams (glitterworldinc) has recently posted two! one was posted today! 

and that is basically everything i know about ryan ross’ life from the earliest facts i know to today! thank you for coming along on this crazy long ride with me and reading this giant mess. i’ll make those companion pieces here soon, so look out for those!

EDIT: Update!!!!! ryan posted this mere hours after i finished this because he likes to make my life harder (i’m mostly kidding, i love him so much)

his caption: “On all twos Makin tunes on toons”

EDIT NUMBER 2: i should have made an outline for these posts, jesus christ. i told you all in another post that the guitar ryan burned alive would be important later and then i never told you why. the why is because brendon still has it. yep, he has the guitar that ryan burned all the way back in the cabin/pretty. odd. era. how do we know this? oh, just because brendon put it in his literal house of memories. it’s fine, i’m not crying. (it’s not fine, i am crying) the house of memories is a vip thing for this tour where fans can go in and take pictures with a bunch of old panic! things, from the masks from fever era to stuff from the victorious video. i would kill to go. 

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the life and times of ryan ross pt 6


@jen–ne–sais–quoi if you’re still reading, we’re almost there. everyone else, if you’re still reading, i’m impressed. 

in the last chapter, we wrapped up ryan’s experience with being in bands, but we aren’t quite done with his music yet. 

2011 wasn’t very eventful career wise for ryan. he got credit on vices and virtues for his lyrics on Nearly Witches, but the song was written before the split. it was a demo from the cabin album that was scrapped before pretty. odd. 

i hate to tell you, but i barely know anything about ryan in 2011. i know he was dating z. he was friends with and hanging out with Dan Keyes, Alex Greenwald, and Mickey Madden (you may recognize him from maroon 5) i know he and brendon were still talking to each other on twitter. it seems like ryan spent 2011 just kinda hangin out and getting used to being in the public eye a lot less

there are many people that think that he, z, and alex were all three in a relationship at one point (i’m one of those people) but there’s no proof. 

this is him and z on halloween in 2011

moving on to 2012. i was 14/15 in 2012 and this is when my ryan ross love began, so i was witness to the rest of this. this was like, prime twitter time for ryan ross. also a bit of an eventful year for poor ryro.

good things first!

he featured on 2 songs for william beckett’s solo ep, our story’s already been told and stuck in love. here’s a cute video. he also sang in a more amor song, beach bones. he’s adorable in the video here. note that Tom Oakes is in More Amor. he and ryan are good friends and used to play hockey together. there are people who ship tom and ryan too. 

ryan and z are still together (i think. does anyone actually know when they broke up? were they ever actually together together?) and ryan promotes/supports z’s new band JJAMZ (James Valentine, Jason Boesel, Alex Greenwald, Michael Runion, and Z Berg) a lot on twitter 

the more 2012 goes on, the more time ryan spends with dan keyes. they’re best friends it’s adorable (in case you didn’t get the pattern, people shipped ryan and dan too, but more on that later)

there’s also some keltie drama in 2012. i know, you thought we left keltie behind. i failed to mention that ryan and keltie had adopted a dog, Hobo. 

keltie took hobo when they split. now back to the 2012 drama. keltie had a hard time letting ryan go. honestly, if you google it, you can find a ton of examples of her not being over ryan and if you ever read her book, she calls him Dreamer. so in august of 2012, keltie tweets this mess (notice who responds) 

and ryan subtweets her by saying “i just wanted to see my dog. HIYA!” 

2012 seems to be when ryan really starts to show the public how much he loves hockey and baseball, specifically the LA Kings and the Dodgers. a lot of his instagram in 2012 is sports. he also starts playing hockey 

late in 2012 he spent all his time with dan keyes, at least going by his instagram and twitter. 

he also promised new music in 2012, which, well, we got some demos in 2013?

he becomes friends with Jeremy Burke in 2012 too, which is cool because he’s probably ryan’s best friend here in 2017

unfortunately, ryan also started conversing with shane morris in 2012. shane is a mostly awful human being who was at one point ryan’s friend and manager.

the worst thing to happen in 2012 is the panic! stalker. she has since apologized and stopped, so i don’t want to get into it too much. you can dig into that on your own if you would like. long story short, a girl hacked some facebook accounts and got ryan’s imessage. then she texted him for at least 6 months pretending to be brendon. she obtained a ton of personal information from him and others and shared screenshots of a bunch of messages. i don’t feel comfortable sharing them, but there not that hard to find if you want to know. 

ryan’s twitter in 2012 is some relatable things, promo-ing his friends, and things that make absolutely no sense.

the best thing about 2012 is that he got the cutest cat in the world, Captain Knots. his instagram becomes a shrine to his cat. i am okay with this

that’s pretty much all for 2012. i’ll see you next time for more of ryan’s friends and his cat!

that fcking interview with dan w**** left me just wow how amazing louis is as a person, how fcking considerate and strong he is, how he can see the good in EVERYONE even those who have not been nice to him… and it’s mostly all because his mum, his mum who died but letf him with so many lessons learned. And it hurts cause Louis deserves so much better, and he still wishes his mum would still be there with him but he doesnt want the sympathy… he just keeps going and working for what he wants. and im just so emotional

the life and times of ryan ross pt 7


hey all! @jen–ne–sais–quoi wanted to know everything about ryan ross. she probably didn’t want to know this much. she got this much. i’m gonna try to wrap it up in the next one. we’ll see.

in the last part we started to learn about all of ryan’s new friends. yay! now we’re gonna talk about them more! and music! and empty promises! and the demise of shane morris!

i cannot tell you who, if anyone, ryan ross is dating at this point because there was never an official break up between him and z. they’re still best friends. some will say he was dating z, some will say dan keyes, some will say he was enjoying being single. who knows. ryan ross might not even know. 

2013. ryan plays hockey. he tweets. he hangs out with dan keyes. he goes to watch hockey. he hangs out with ryland blackinton (from cobra starship) a lot this year too. he posts lots of pictures of his cat. he goes to a lot of dodgers games.

he and dan had a couples costume for halloween

all he does is talk about captain knots, but that’s okay because he’s cute. sometimes he uses vine. he also hangs out with dan keyes and calls him his giant. i hardcore ship them, so i’m trying to stay away from all that, but i truly believe they were in a relationship

the most important thing about 2013 is NEW MUSIC. he put some demos on soundcloud and said “thanks for waiting. i’m back now” and you could also download the demos for free on his site. neither his site nor his soundcloud exist anymore. we’ll talk about that later when we talk about shane morris. you can probably find the songs on here or youtube somewhere.

2014 Ryan starts playing with his hair by adding colored streaks. 

he spends more time with dan, jeremy, ryland, tom oakes, and z. 

the most he did in 2014 was he took a trip to greece. he went to frankfurt first, probably a layover. he also found a mini z in greece, see 

and he got spectacularly sunburnt

when he got back from greece, he and gabe saporta (from cobra starship) poked a little fun at the new panic! album. the caption was “ Too young to 💤💤”

halloween 2014. ryan is a sloth. yes, a sloth. see him here with langley fox

also in 2014 he starts becoming friends with a ton of models. probably because of Z and also Alison Harvard who is jeremy burke’s girlfriend. they’re all gorgeous. 

he was really active on twitter beginning in mid/late 2014. i don’t know when shane morris took over all of ryan’s social media, but it was probably about this time. especially because in march he said “woah, none of these tweets are from me” can’t guarantee that anything on ryan’s faceook or twitter after that is written by ryan. his instagram is the only safe thing. i’ll do a whole companion piece on shane morris and all the terrible things he’s done to ryan. 

and that’s all for now. come back later for the final chapter of our story!

The Phandom A-Z

Jesus Christ I spent AGES on this!

A is for Anime, the thing most of us watch

B is for the Bottom that is Dan

C is for Cat Whiskers, the symbol of our Kingdom

D is for Depression, the thing a lot of us have/has had

E is for Editing tips that Phil gives to Dan

F is for Fanfiction, the things we do the best

G is for the Game (sorry)

H is for the Hat Fic

I is for the Internet, our home

J is for “Joking”, the thing Dan says when he actually isn’t

K is for Kind, the thing our fandom should be

L is for Lies, the only thing we were told in 2012-13

M is for the Milk Fic

N is for No-Homo Howell

O is for Obsession, the thing we have for Dan and Phil

P is for PHAN

Q is for Questions we have for Dan and Phil about 2009 and 2012

R is for Reading phanfiction, the thing we do until 3AM

S is for the Stress mushroom

T is for Tumblr, our life ruiner

U is for Underwear, the thing Dan always shows

V is for The V-Day Video, one that we will never speak of again

W is for Whisks

X is for X-Mas

Y is for Your Mom

Z is for ZZZ, the thing we never do because of Dan and Phil