dan x rupert


“He caught a brief glimpse of a gloomy high-ceilinged, twin-bedded room, then there was a loud twittering noise, followed by an even louder shriek, and his vision was completely obscured by a large quantity of very bushy hair — Hermione had thrown herself onto him in a hug that nearly knocked him flat […]
HARRY! Ron, he’s here, Harry’s here! We didn’t hear you arrive! Oh, how are you? Are you all right? […]”
“Let him breathe, Hermione,” said Ron, grinning, closing the door
behind Harry […]
Hermione, still beaming, let go of Harry […]” - Order of the Pheonix


Harry and Hermione + pain

“What’s wrong with your hand?” - Order of the Pheonix

“Hermione was screaming again: the sound went through Harry like physical pain.” - Deathly Hallows 

“Hermione! Are you alright?” - Deathly Hallows: Part 1