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anonymous asked:

Do you know which members of the boys families have Twitter? Xx

Harry: Anne Twist (x), Robin Twist (x), Gemma Styles (x), Mike Twist (x), Des Styles (x), Ella Selley (x), Matt Selley (x), Ben Selley (x), Mike Selley (uncle - x), Dee Selley (x), Larissa Selley (x)

Liam: Ruth Payne (x), Nicola Payne (x)

Louis: Jay Deakin (x), Mark Tomlinson (x), Dan Deakin (x), Keith Tomlinson (x), Lottie Tomlinson (x), Sally Deakin (x)

Niall: Greg Horan (x), Denise Horan (x), Jane Nolan (x), Grace Nolan (x), Patricia Flynn (x), Claire Flynn (x), Caroline Flynn (x), Annie Donohue (x), Claire Storey (x), Emma Horan (x), Katie Donohue (x), Katie Horan (x), Deo Devine (x), Willie Devine (x)

Zayn: Doniya Malik (x), Waliyha Malik (x), Sashaa Malik (x), Maryum Malik (x), Aaroosa Malik (x), Jawaad Saeed (x)

There are probably more, but at the moment I don’t know who else to add :) xx