dan wilde

foxes on ellen hc

-this is set at the end of the third book 

- Kevin, Dan and Neil are the ones chosen to be interviewed
- all of the others, including Wymack and Abby, are in the audience
- as much as Wymack would much rather never let Neil open his mouth in a public place again, he’s been all over the news and he’s the fox that the world is most interested in (maybe after Kevin)
- Kevin was obviously chosen because he’s Kevin Day and Dan was chosen because she’s the captain 
-the video before they come on shows them getting thrashed in one of last year’s games, then one of the first games of this season where they are noticeably better and finally their win against the Ravens in the final, with snippets of the drama from the year in between the gameplay
- Kevin’s got his fake public smile on, Dan looks genuinely happy because this is such a great opportunity and Neil’s sort of politely smiling but he looks a little uncomfortable
- Neil had gotten a lecture off Kevin before they went on but it all went in one ear and out the other
- they all hug Ellen and then sit down on the sofa as she talks about how amazing this season has been for them
- the first question is open to any of the trio and is jokily asking how exhausted they are
- Kevin laughs and says it’s been a wild ride, to which Dan says ‘literally’ and everyone laughs (because of her surname wow im so funny)
- they talk about how proud they are of the team, how far they’ve come, thank Wymack, etc. for a couple minutes
- Neil doesn’t really say much during this although he does say that Wymack and Dan have done a lot from their team and he’s proud of everyone
- Ellen says they’re going to get a bit serious for a second and asks them about Riko’s suicide
- The question is mostly aimed at Kevin but Dan’s the one who answers
- she says suicide is devastating and anyone who is struggling should seek help but also says that they don’t exactly miss him (a lot of what Riko did to Kevin and jean and how corrupted the ravens are is public knowledge now so this isn’t really surprising)
- Ellen talks to Neil about joining the foxes for a minute before asking if there’s anyone he doesn’t get along with
- he laughs politely and shakes his head, which earns him a snort from Kevin 
- Ellen directs a question to Wymack sat in the audience who says he’s incredibly proud of the team 
- she also asks about them donating a portion of their ticket sales to charity and Dan says that it’s all thanks to Renee, who the camera pans to in the audience and has Andrew on one side and Allison on the other
- Andrew looks as bored as usual
- Ellen gives them a cheque to donate to the charity that they give some of their ticket profits to
 -Kevin comes back on later in the show to surprise a fan
- they’re a fan of both the Ravens and Foxes and have a raven tattoo on their arm
- the Foxes can’t stop laughing at Kevin’s fake enthusiasm and smiles at them talking about how much they loved him with the ravens
- but all in all the interview goes smoothly
- for once

i may do a part 2 set a few years later or with different foxes


poor baby is a little bit overwhelmed.

during his next turn kevin goes with “never have i ever actually kissed neil” and everyone has to try to take the knives away from andrew when nicky reluctantly takes the shot as well.

everyone is at least tipsy at this point which is as good an excuse as any to draw them all flushed.