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okay but what's the Extended Timeline of darry....i need the Full Scoop im on the edge of my seat

so it all starts april fourth, 2011 with a tweet from dan saying, “so one direction are now advertising pokémon black and white? well at least that’s one thing i’ll always be superior to liam payne at.” from what i can find is the first mention of one direction dan has made on twitter

dan makes a few more mentions of harry styles/one direction in general over the next year and a half.

harry moves out of his flat with bandmate louis tomlinson early 2012 and to a flat in east london. dan moves to london mid-2012

the pivotal moment. october 7th, 2012. one direction is interviewed by dan howell and flatmate, phil lester. three videos of this occurrence are available (one) (two) (three). there are multiple instances in which harry sends smoldering looks towards the unknowing youtuber. this also was commemorated in dan and phil’s book, The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire (in stores now)

thus, darry is birthed.

around this time there are multiple rumors of harry dating taylor swift but none are confirmed

if one has the imagination for it, dan and harry may have had a three month fling with the slightly older british vlogger. the idea is alluring. both sexually ambiguous men having a secret love affair right for the world to see. around this time dan is keeping up a fairly regular schedule of uploading videos each week on his main channel, danisnotonfire. 

in between november 30th and december 21st there was no uploading. this could be attributed to the fact that harry had been seen out multiple times with taylor swift and the end of darry was nigh. darry would be confirmed dead when harry and taylor were pictured kissing on new years eve. 

and to non-believers, this could be the end of the high-rise, champagne-tinged love affair between dan howell and harry styles (for which i have many head canons about but we are just covering the factual evidence). but no.

on march 7th, 2013, dan uploads a vyou answer talking about how weird it was to meet one direction. dan speaks of how he mad eye contact with harry. he claims his favorite member was niall because he smiled the most. he would, considering harry must have broken his heart after that meeting.

in december 2013, amazingphil (phil lester, dan howell’s flatmate and rumored significant other) uploaded a video called ‘my google search history’ revealing he once looked up where harry styles lived. lester claims to have only been on fan-based ventures but one may assume he was scoping out the man that had dan howell’s heart in the latter part of 2012. 

on february 19th, 2014, dan howell and harry styles both attend the brit awards. and both were wearing the same shirt. this sparks multiple articles on the two and the hilarity of the situation was apparent to the internet. 

during bbc radio 1′s big weekend, dan is pictured backstage during one direction’s set, being called weird fruit guy. here is one picture for your reference

dan also is in a video where he says harry loves him (cannot find a video but here is a gifset)

about a month later, dan goes to a concert with a bunch of youtuber friends (sans phil, interesting) to see one direction. 

other “darry proofs” could be that dan prefers to be the big spoon and harry the little spoon. dan and harry have both expressed interest in fashion. both are pretentious as fuck. it has been noted none of harry’s songs which he has written have confirmed he has ever been in love. one could think ‘fools gold’ and ‘just a little bit of your heart’ could be about one dan howell. recently dan and harry have both been photographed with black nail polish on, a sure sign darry is coming to pass soon.

this all culminates to last night, october 6th. harry was out celebrating the release of his recent magazine editorial in another man at albert’s club. phil lester was out with his family. this would make dan howell approximately thirty minutes away from harry if he did not go out with lester and his family. this was an optimal timeframe for dan or harry to visit each other. is darry reuniting? only time will tell

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Hang on ‘til the end, when Dan dances and sings like a giant dork. (Also featuring Phil, though off-camera and not singing)

(Why yes, now that you ask, I *am* watching a bunch of old Vyous for no apparent reason except that I enjoy watching fetus!Dan ramble about things like his and Phil’s favorite Starbucks drinks.)


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hi, do you have any recs for some other dan n phil blog i should follow?

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