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Texas 'bathroom bill' dies in special legislative session
Texas measures criticized as being discriminatory for limiting transgender people's access to bathrooms in schools and public buildings died on Tuesday, as the House adjourned and ended its special legislative session.

Victory in Texas! #TransRightsAreHumanRights

“Finally, Texans can breathe a temporary sigh of relief,” said JoDee Winterhof, an official of the Human Rights Campaign that lobbied against the bills.

“Texans don’t want harmful, anti-transgender legislation,” Winterhof, the campaign’s senior vice president for policy and political affairs, said in a statement.


Hello! I am the host of this meetup(my name is mae)! I am proudly non-binary and transgender! Here is me wearing my pronoun button! ✊🏻

Red, Lies and 'I Love You's

Summary: Phil and trans!Dan are at Playlist Live and run into a complication when Dan gets his period during a meetup. Phil and Louise come to the rescue. Fluff.

Warnings: ftm transgender dysphoria, mentions of blood, swearing

Word Count: 6.8k

Disclaimer: I don’t identify as transgender, so if there are any inaccuracies or things I should change, let me know. The feeling of dysphoria described is based on my personal experience from identifying as agender (more or less - it’s complicated).

A/N: It’s been two weeks since I posted so I thought I’d finish off a fic I started a while back. I have a number of others up my sleeve which I’ll hopefully get done soon. Hope you enjoy.

It was the first day of Playlist Live and Dan and I had woken up really early from the jet lag. Our morning hadn’t been too busy; we ordered some room service for breakfast and spent a while editing and scrolling tumblr on our laptops, in our pyjamas.

Eventually the time came when we had to attend a panel. Dan was a bit hesitant to get dressed, telling me that his chest seemed really achy and sensitive today. There wasn’t really anything we could do, so he reluctantly put his binder on and we got on with the day.

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Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Talks New Album 'Evolve' & Bigotry in Mormonism: 'To Be Gay Is Beautiful and Right and Perfect'
The Imagine Dragons frontman discussed working with Justin Tranter on “Believer,” the band’s third studio album 'Evolve' and launching the Love Loud festival to combat bigotry and teach acceptance to religious families: “to be gay is beautiful and right and perfect.”

“To be gay is beautiful and right and perfect; to tell someone they need to change their inner-most being is setting up someone for an unhealthy life and unhealthy foundation.” The Trevor Project Hero Honoree Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons 🌈💜  

If you need support, we’re here for you 24/7 at: 866.488.7386 🌟 Text, Chat, TrevorSpace, and more resources at: thetrevorproject.org 🌟

Colour Me Free - nightowlhowell - Phandom/The Fantastic Foursome (YouTube RPF) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Words: 9779

Genre: trans!dan, coming out, angst, fluff, comfort, proposal

Warnings: anxiety/panic attacks, swearing

Summary: At age 25, Dan Howell doesn’t want to hide anymore. The problem is, it’s not exactly easy to tell your boyfriend of 7 years that you’re not a girl.

I love you too

(Featuring TEEN chubby trans!Arin and overly loving teen Dan also tw for mentions of past abuse and unstable environments)

“Dan I hate this.” Arin said into the phone taking a deep breath as he tried to keep tears at bay. He bit his cheek to keep the wobble out of his voice as a tear slipped past his cheek anyway. “I feel so fucking stupid.” He choked out. Dan’s end was still silent, a sign that he should continue with the rant, to just let it all out. “Every fucking time I try to resist even a little bit its just, ‘my house you can’t do anything you’re not an adult!’ Well I’m close to it, I’m fucking doing everything to keep them happy they threw away my binder, I can’t tell them I’m-” he lowers his voice out of habit.“- trans or gender fluid or whatever the fuck this is I’m s-so confused Dan! They make me wear dresses and they force me to go to church and they keep comparing me to my dad! I’m NOT my dad Dan you know that right, I would never hurt anyone like that.” Arin sobbed into the phone there was a click showing Dan had hung up as a knock sounded on the door of the shed he was hiding in. “Arin, c'mere man.” Dan said opening the door and stepping into the shed. Arins bottom lip curled up and he’s sure he made the ugliest face as he stood and started crying. He felt his body shake and wished he had the aid of a jacket as Dan wrapped his arms around Arin. “shh its okay baby.” Dan said threading his fingers through Arin’s long hair. “its okay to be confused Arin, gender is a weird thing y'know, I love you no matter what. Don’t mind them just be yourself whenever you can and don’t stop smiling.” Dan said hugging his boyfriend. “You could have three vaginas and I would still call you my man okay?”

Arin laughed at that and wiped his eyes as Dan sat with him in the old she’d and held Arin letting him spew all of his feelings out about his dad and his religious foster parents. “I sometimes I just, sometimes I actually want to go back, Dan you know? I mean I was depressed but at least my dad tried to accept me and he helped me.” Arin choked up again and Dan stroked his face kissing his forehead. “Hey your dad was horrible and you shouldn’t have been living like that.” Dan said Arin nodded and fell silent. “I love you.” Dan said softly. “I love you too Dan.” Arin mumbled drifting off in Dan’s embrace.

Dan looked down at Arin and played with the sleeping boys hair. His eyes looked over his body scanning every bump and curve that Arin didnt want. He made a note to kiss all around Arin’s sleeping face as well as trace little hearts on Every part of Arin he could. Dan wasn’t good with showing his affection yet, more than not it was Arin holding Dan while Dan raved about shit as they made jokes and drank or munched on stolen goodies. They were just teenagers trying to figure out what to do. Times like this made Dan want to take Arin away from the world and hide him from all the bad, he never wanted another sad tear to slide down Arin’s chin and he never wanted to let Arin hurt. As Arin opened his eyes recovering from his sleep he looked up at Dan and smiled wide, tear streaks still staining his cheeks. “Stalker.” Arin said happily. “Not my fault you’re cute.” Dan retorted kissing his boyfriends cheek. “I love you too.”