dan tomlinson

for you.

hey, you, if youre looking for a reason to stay alive today, this is it. there is no one else out there like you. you are irreplaceable. please treat yourself with kindess, because thats what you deserve. you are beautiful, dont forget that. find something that makes you happy. dont let anyone tell you your dreams are just dreams. live your life the way you want to live it. be the person you want to be.

and most importantly, smile, because youve made it so far and im so damn proud of you. have a good day 💖💖

Int: So Louis, how do you feel about Harry’s success in his solo pursuits and film?

Louis: I genuinely, honestly, honest to God, have no idea who this “Harry” is that you speak of. Obviously you have your facts wrong because I swear I have never seen him in the flesh.

Int: You’ve literally been in a band together for 7 years.

Louis: *stuffs breadsticks in his purse* I’m so sorry. My real life girlfriend Eleanor and human son Freddie are expecting me. I have to go.

i hope everyone gets involved in finding jason’s killer during the last episode and gets rid of these side stories

gimme group scenes where they discover information that puts them in danger