dan tomlinson


I don’t care what fandom you’re in if you’re trash and I mean full blown trash reblog this

shoutout to dan for being so strong in this time of despair. he just lost his wife who he was only married to for two years and yet he’s standing strong and continues to be a rock for the whole tomlinson family. dan, i’m sending all my love and support, you are so so amazing.

I was grounded for a few weeks and when I come back the world is an entire different place

What happened?

Did Phan came out?


That cool Drarry fanfic, the writer uploaded it?

No? What about Misfit? Did Dan and Phil finally kissed?

Jesus returned?

Haters don’t exist?

I have money?

Snow in august?


Pap photos of the Tomlinson-Deakin family.

ANYONE who shares pap photos I will unfollow.  The whole family is grieving and do not need to have their privacy invaded by the paps taking the photos and Louis’s fans,then sharing the photos and commenting and analysing them,whichever narrative you support. The family has requested publicly for privacy so give it to them. Focus on the various fan run projects and drives. Don’t put the focus on narratives,when a family has lost someone so dear to them. The fandom has lost too,that does need to be acknowledged but it does not take away from the loss the Tomlinson/Deakin/Poulstons have been dealt. Do not make this about narrative and ships. For now the fandom should be uniting to ignore that and focus on supporting the family at this time.

So... I went to the cinema

This Friday I went to the cinema to watch Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (for the second time because holy mother of Jesus it’s amazing), in the middle of the session I felt hungry so I left the room to buy some M&M’s.

While I was nervously looking inside my bag for some money, two guys appeared to buy popcorn and something brought my attention: they were holding hands.

I’m a HUGE lgbtq+ supporter and I see no problem with it, love is love in all forms, but the real problem was their faces. They looked scared, looking around all the time to check if someone potentially threatening was looking at them.

I live in Brazil and homophobia here is really common, I hate it. I’ve heard people say shit about the lgbtq+ community before and I was conscious that lgbtq+ couples are constantly afraid of demonstrating affection in public – especially in crowded places like that specific shopping mall – but, until that day, I had never seen it happen.

My heart suddenly shrunk, I looked at them and I felt what they were feeling. I felt afraid. As a bisexual girl inside the closet, that made me feel afraid of coming out to my family and to the world. I understood their struggle.

I managed somehow to make them look at me and smiled the most fondly way I could and said “tudo vai ficar bem” (“everything is going to be okay”). I think it was a lie.

I don’t want it to be a lie, I want everything to be okay.

I’m posting this because I know that a lot of people out there see things like this in a daily basis, and I want them (YOU) to do something. Anything. Smile, blink, say something comforting, show affection, show people that they’re allowed to love whoever they want, that there’s nothing wrong about it.

And I know that lots of people on tumblr ship lgbtq couples, so tell me: how do you want your otp to come out if you don’t show them that it’s okay to love who they love? Small steps, but still worth it.