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Paper Stars

Summary: Dan starts to get love notes in his locker in the form of origami stars, so he gets the help of his best friend, Phil, to figure out who it is.
Word Count: 2,398
Warnings: cussing
A/N: Thanks to @insanityplaysfics as always for giving me ideas. I’m a fucking sap recently because my boyfriend proposed to me and I just wanna write a crapton of fluff and puke rainbows everywhere. This is short and sweet, which is very rare for me! I hope you like it anyways!
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The day Dan opened his locker to a strange slip of paper folded into an origami star was one of the strangest moments of his life.

“What,” Dan said simply, giving the offending paper a strange look. He bent down and retrieved it, staring at it long and hard. It was thin, made with a flowery paper, and he could just make out words written in very small print on it. “What,” Dan said again.

With a small amount of struggle, Dan managed to unwrap the star, revealing the writing inside. The script was sloppy to the point where Dan thinks it was written with the wrong hand. Dan said “what” again and the word didn’t even sound like it was real anymore. It took him a few minutes to read what it said due to the scribble, but he eventually managed.

‘i used to stare out the window because i thought the scenery was beautiful. Then i saw you and suddenly the world didnt seem nearly as captivating as before.

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anonymous asked:

I really like the way you analyse and how you put things. It helps me think things through like I thought Louis chose his team and the promo against larry but you made me see deeper. I know you're a louie but you say you're a larrie to? Would you say what you think about Harry? He was always my fave but when he went solo the way his image was, just really hurt me. Do you think Harrys choosing all he's doing? I see Louis not free. Is Harry free? How can they be together if Harry's Sonys friend?

Ack. Thank you anon. That really nice of you :) 

Your ask is a bugger though which I’m probably going to regret answering because H is a touchy subject!  😐 When it comes to his situation, Im a human shrug. I really only have questions. But… I’ll give you the little I have?

So… I think we all agree H looks the freest of the free. We know he’s being handed the world in terms of his career, and a lot of money and influence are being spent (and have been spent for years) to propel him into the industry stratosphere. That investment means he’s a valuable product, with huge marketing expectations on his shoulders. 

 As I said recently, it stuck me only when Louis launched solo as Sony-1DHQ’s @Louis made flesh, that Harry, when *he* went solo, had also immediately validated the exact PR image given to him by Sony. No little nuances; it was the precise image of H disseminated over the years by Dan Wooton & Simon Jones: unapologetic solo ambition, Haylor, Hendall, and general heterosexual fuckboydom, with a side of playful, harmless, sexual ambiguity. The other 3 guys sort of validated their Sony built images too when they went solo didn’t they- Liam, Zayn and Niall?  And they all shore up each other’s 1D images when asked. So… since theyre all free, it must be that everything Dan told us all those years on Sony’s behalf was true.  These are the real guys. Sony never lied to us.

Yeah? No.

To me –its 100% obvious Louis *has to* validate his Sony-created image, after years of bravely and stubbornly undermining it. He can’t even hire management and PR that work for *him*, rather than the label he’s supposed to be only distributing through. His team are all people who’ve been proven to fuck him over repeatedly in the past. We can see the eminently predictable results of that, in a solo roll out that’s deliberately, constantly skirting the edge of disaster crisis and disappointed expectations. With Louis, Sony, for some reason, aren’t even trying to pretend he’s really free or that any of this is in his interests. 

But why would Harry, with the world at his feet, having just negotiated a label deal from a position of strength with a new team made up of his close personal friends – why would *he* agree to continue to run his career by the *exact* narrative he was given by 1DHQ back in the day? Dan W could have scripted his Rolling Stone interview, and Dan IS scripting a lot of other things, with H’s teams obvious  collusion, for example the exclusive on both H’s latest, and previous, ‘romances’. 

But H must be totally free, because his manager is his best friend and he chose him; in fact he practically lives with him. Probably the strongest argument it’s all Harrys choice, is that his manager is Jefe, the loveable, cuddly fandom favourite. Its the one I find hardest to counter too.

 Ive always thought it was a little odd though - why do we know for sure despite his fiercely protected private life, that H is closer than close with Jeff and his family?  Well, because we’ve been shown it, over and over and over and over again, by paps and stalkers and leaks – all the favourite methods of spreading info with which we’ve become familiar from what we used to call 1DHQ. Is that of any significance? Who knows. 

Maybe this stuck with me, because, when I came into fandom in 2015, it was at the point of paps being called to record Harry’s Froyo dates in LA every day (while Louis, Liam and Niall were in the UK), but not to show H and a girl, but H and Jeff.. I remember at the time looking at papwalk after pap walk and thinking - why is this happening? Why were we being shown Harry’s every public moment with another guy (and his GF and his family and friends), implying this was Harrys entire non-working life? Why were stalkers invited to Jeff’s birthday party to watch Harry lead the tributes? Why was Jeff everywhere Harry was, whenever there was anyone – stalker, fan or pap - to tell or show us? Why do all ‘leaks’ show Harry and the Azoffs? Why put so much effort into making the fandom accept that Harry and Jeff are closer than close? At the time, as a newbie, I was told it was because Harry was defying 1DHQ on behalf of the band by flaunting the Azoffs who were crafting a rebellion to save them. Ofc I wanted to believe it.

Now I wonder why Sony and Modest allowed the Azoffs that access and influence over Harry and his behaviour/image, when they had H under a notoriously restrictive and controlling contract? Why the Azoffs were able to de facto take over as H’s managers, though H was still under contract for several more years to Modest and Sony, and tied by their draconian image clauses? Why the Azoffs were allowed to change Hs image in a way that distanced him from the rest of the band and worked to build a solo product, if Sony weren’t guaranteed then to gain from that, through the solo Harry we see today?  

I dont know what any of the above means, except I dont think Im ready to accept blindly anymore that the relationship between Harry-Azoff-Sony was entirely as we were shown. Or that Azoff and Sony were ever at odds. Then again, theres so much we’re not shown. Maybe it was all as it seemed.

Other things may point to whatever propelled solo Harry was Harry’s own choice… and principal among those was The Yacht - or maybe, more the eagle tattoo? 

Harry got it immediately the hiatus began, and showed it off. It was such a pointed image. But then, because tattoos like the Larry tattoos became a fandom communication signal of rebellion and defiance, I dont think its beyond the bounds of credibility to wonder if management know tattoos are a short cut to fandom belief for whatever they want to sell. The E tattoo is a case in point. It struck me recently though that the most powerful thing about Harrys eagle to us at the time, was the symbolism – he got it on his free arm. The ‘things I can’ arm, which had been bare, waiting, we thought, for LHs freedom or even a CO.  Except it turned out to be just Harry’s solo career/ freedom, not Louis’. I wonder though, why Harry hasn’t put anything else on that arm? All his new tattoos, he’s crowded still on ‘things I cant’. That probably means nothing; it’s just a thought?

Im afraid those aren’t very revolutionary observations on Hs freedom, anon. But I do wonder at the moment, from all the shenanigans that surround them, if any of the guys are genuinely free. (And yeah, thanks to recent events, I am still a Larrie. :) )

anonymous asked:

Can you please write Highschool Egobang with Arin as the cool kid and Danny as the shy kid :)

(Ohhh this is a role reversal compared to what I normally see- hell yeah!!)

High school is not as the movies set it up to be. Dan walks into the building and feels like he’s been punked, 21 Jump Street circa 2012 style. He’d come with his leather jacket and over-the-shoulder messenger bag, black, expecting to be admired for his roughness, his black eyeliner, and his meticulously applied apathy– instead he’s in his first period class alone in the back, and up front there is a colorful swarm surrounding the real figurehead of high school coolness: Arin Hanson. 
Dan isn’t mad at Arin, isn’t jealous, just a little bit surprised. He’s not what Dan would’ve penned under ‘cool’ or ‘popular’ back in middle school. He’s got his hair back in this casual ponytail, with several more hair-bands lined up on his wrists, and he’s dressed so casually. Well, perhaps honestly is the word. He’s not trying to fool anybody about the kind of guy he is. A rumpled Sailor Moon shirt, pastel pink, and some worn-out blue jeans mark his daily attire. He can’t tell now from the back, but walking in Dan might’ve caught a hint of mascara or lipgloss on him as well. He’s kind of… beautiful, Dan has to admit. He’s unapologetically whatever he is, and people seem to love him for it. 
And Dan feels like a schmuck for trying to be anything less than himself, suddenly. Maybe if he’d ditched all the black and wore than Zelda shirt Avi had gotten him last Sunday, when they were back to school shopping, he could be up there laughing and cracking jokes with Arin. Maybe he wouldn’t feel this sticky sap of shame and loneliness creeping up over him. 
‘I could always try tomorrow,’ Dan thinks, laying his head down on his desk. ‘But am I being a poser if I stop posing to be myself? If people see me go from this to nerdy tomorrow, they’ll have to think that I’m trying to be some hipster, trying to copy others so I’ll fit in–’
Dan looks up. Blinks at what he sees. 
Arin is twisted around in his chair with his arm slung over the back, grinning at him easily. Shy and taken aback, Dan’s cheeks flare, and the kid seems to notice– his grin grows ever wider. 
“Uh… yeah?” 
“You’re new, right? Just transferred here?” 
“You wanna come up here and introduce yourself? C’mon, what’s your name?” 
“Oh… yeah… sure.” So he struggles out of the stupid desk, his long legs trying to trap him to the jail of a seat, and slumps up towards the others. “So… I’m Dan.” 
“Good to meetcha, Dan!” Arin says cheerily, and holds out a hand to him. Dan takes it and his grip is intense; he shakes them up and down firmly, then lets go and fist bumps Dan’s open palm. The crowd around him laughs, and he prays it’s not at him. “Good to meet you, too.” 
“I like your jacket.” 
Dan reddens. “Hah, yeah, well… I moved here from New Jersey, and it’s colder there, so I wasn’t expecting it to be so warm today–” 
“Dude. It’s cool, you don’t have to explain it to me.” 
He smiles at his shoes and nods, feeling like an ansty peasant scrambling to please a benevolent king. The king is already calm and kind, and the harder he tries the more it shows what a lemming he is. 
God, this is embarrassing. 
Suddenly his hand is enveloped in warmth– Arin’s bigger one, wrapping it around his skinny fingers and resting his thumb on the palm. He could rub soothing circles onto the skin, if he were so inclined. 
Dan’s head shoots up to look at him like a deer in headlights, the whole of him bristling and burgundy. He feels like he’s being given a gift, some kind of royal courtesy from the king. 
Arin smiles up at him warmly, that easy grin showing teeth, now, white and shining. He raises his eyebrow in a silent question –you okay?– but there is a kind of mischief in his eyes that betrays his enjoyment. That he’s enjoying Dan’s skittishness. 
“You wanna sit with me at lunch today? I’ll wait outside your fourth period class and take you from there. The school’s big, so you might have trouble finding the cafeteria, and you look like the type to get lost, anyway.” 
Dan might as well have just heard “you” “me” “lunch” and “today.” 
“Is that cool with you?” 
“Yeah man,” Arin answers, nodding. “If it’s cool with you.” 
Like a small wind, the tiniest gust, Dan agrees in a whisper: “So cool.” 

List of things I would like to see from dan and Phil this year:
-day in the life
-more challenges
-domestic side channel videos
-uncontrollable laughing
-main channel videos/ stories
-a nail painting video???
-baking videos
-then being more comfortable with each other and themselves
-genuine, unapologetic happiness

Feel free to add more! :)

Hello Internet

Summary: I’m terrible at introductions but basically Phil eavesdrops on Dan filming his “Message To My Younger Self” Video 

Word Count: 1.8k 

Genre: Fluff and Angst

tw: none

ps- this is my VERY FIRST phanfiction ever and it isn’t the best but hey I need to start somewhere right so please go easy on me :))

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