dan stevens*

Let’s be clear here… Dan Stevens worked his ass off doing a damned fine job on Beauty and the Beast under very difficult conditions. 

He was a team player.

 He gave his best to Emma. She gave her best to him. 

He did everything that was asked of him.


So yes he looks kinda funny in the hippo suit with spots… but LOOK AT WHAT HE ACCOMPLISHED. He took the technology to a whole new level. He did it with respect and flair and his own  je ne sais quoi (and yes Gaston I do know what that means…)

I stand with Bill Condon. I’m in awe of  Dan’s acting and dedication to his craft in Beauty and the Beast. He essentially did the role three times: Once with the motion capture. Once with the facial capture. Again with the Beast’s voice and singing. 

He most probably won’t get the awards he deserves. But we all can stand behind him anyway cheering. For we know… We know..!


This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go