dan stevens [2]


they need help (i need sleep)


Favorite Photoshoot: I love his hair like this and the playful nature of him in general. His eyes are fantastic. 

Sunday Times chief portrait photographer Francesco Guidicini has a particular affinity with actors. He revels in the collaborative experience of making pictures together with his subject. He photographed actor Dan Stevens at the Corinthia Hotel in London. Dan is best known for playing Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey. Here is the story behind the shoot: “The Hotel was dark and gloomy on a rainy winter’s day and someone forgot to ask him to wear bright colours so when Dan Stevens turned up in a dark jumper I felt I was in a spot of trouble. Luckily he had a big, warm smile on his face and was immediately ready to help. He forgot all the limitations imposed by his PR, came out in the corridor and posed playfully for the short time we had together.”

(photos were saved off of @aliceleeeee