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Just a friendly reminder that this music video was Dan Fogler’s first major acting gig.

You’re welcome.

“Have you ever thought about doing, like, a video tour of your house?”

“You think people would wanna see my house?” Dan asks as he fits the key into the lock. His front door swings open soundlessly. Inside it’s dark, with only a little bit of illumination from the kitchen to light their way as they step over the threshold. Dan still isn’t quite used to living alone. He always half expects Barry to walk around the corner, eating cereal in his underwear or otherwise doing Barry things.

“Man, I love your house!” Arin enthuses as Dan sets about flipping on light switches. “It’s got good, like- what’s the word? You know, when a place has good vibes?”

“I think you’re thinking of feng shui?” Dan preens a little. He likes his place, too. It’s definitely a reflection of who he is, so to hear Arin praise it gives him something akin to the warm and fuzzies.

He loops his arm through Arin’s, starts to lead him toward a door at the end of the hall. “I like to do my writing in here,” he explains. “It’s peaceful and stuff.”

Arin breaks away from him as soon as they enter the room, makes a beeline for the nearest stack of papers. Dan doesn’t think to stop him. He lets Arin look around while he searches for what Arin actually came to see- the beginnings of a new Starbomb song. None of them have done any formal writing for a third album but Dan was struck with inspiration. He figures Arin may be able to flesh it out, turn it into something tangible.

He’s still searching when he hears Arin gasp behind him, and then a muttered, “Whoa.”

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