dan smiths hands


So I made calligraphy art with a watercolor background for lyrics ‘are you going to age with grace?’ From the song oblivion by Bastille :-)


I’ve been workin on these guys for four days, and after having to restart due to some unfortunate clay-burning, they’re finally done! Rick, Morty and Summer, all made out of Sculpey clay! They’re hand-painted and varnished, too! I’m really happy with how these guys turned out! I based them off of the Funko “Pint-Sized Heroes”!

Rick was one of the hardest to paint. I actually ran out of paint while making him late at night and had to stay up until the store opened to get some more, because I had dumbly already mixed his skin tone and couldn’t let it dry out.

Morty actually got burned a bit in the oven, so he’s a little lop-sided. I probably would have redone him if I hadn’t already redone all three of them previously due to our new oven turning my first batch of figures into charcoal! 😅

Originally, I was going to have Summer have an open-mouthed smile, but I had a lot of trouble with the mouth being way too big when I tried to fit in the Rick-and-Morty-style teeth, so I went for a closed-mouth smile instead. In hindsight, it may have looked better with the smile lines they have in the show, but I suppose I’ll know that for next time!