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Spider-Man Unlimited #3

No but don’t you see how clever this is?

Doc Ock basically became a bad guy because he had a warped version of Aunt May.

Aunt May molly coddled Peter but Mary Octavius downright smothered her son.

Aunt May gave Peter love and encouragement but Mary instilled within Otto that he was honestly better than everybody else because of his intelligence.

Aunt May was sickly but selfless woman who didn’t want to be a burden on Peter, and tried to ensure her son’s happiness but setting him up with a potential future partner. Mary Octavius was selfish and hypocritical who demanded her son give up his chance of a future filled with romantic/emotional fulfillment for her sake. 

And the biggest irony is that Peter lived his life terrified he’d kill Aunt May by a heart attack and accidentally this is exactly what Otto did to his mother.

This is Tom DeFalco scoring slam dunks and further developing the dark reinfections between Peter and Otto.

And he does it a shitton better than Superior did.

What I want from Marvel Legacy

Logan stays dead: I like Logan as much as the next guy, but we already have 3 wolverines running around we don’t need 4.

Amazing Spider-Man gets a new writer: please for the love of god get rid of Dan Slott.

The fantastic Four return: Its never been the same with them gone.

Emma Frost gets a redemption arc: They did my girl wrong in IvX. She deserves better.

She-Hulk gets better: Seeing her all depressed/broken like this is well depressing. And after what happened to her in Civil War II, she deserves better.

Mary Jane gets written properly: A long shot, but the way she’s been written in the past 5 years have been awful and once again she deserves better. 

Phyla-Vell comes back from the dead: Yeah this is a looong shot, but dammit i miss her and moondragon.

The OG X-men return to there time line: They have overstayed there welcome and are honestly not compelling enough to warrant there stay and pale in comparison to there older counterparts.

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel gets called out on Civil War II: It needs to happen. Carol was an absolute monster in CW2 and frankly needs to be called out on it. Someone needs to say how much of a cunt she was. 

New creative teams: The most important thing that Legacy needs is new creative teams for there books. I mean if all there books have the same people working on them then absolutely no one will care. 

I think people like Dan Slott need to realize something about writing: There are no rules, there are only disciplines.

Sitting down and setting rules “THIS THING CAN NEVER HAPPEN” is a terrible thing to do to your own story. When writing, you can’t say “this one thing can never happen” you have to ask yourself “Okay, what things HAVE to happen in order for this one thing to occur?” and you’ve set your discipline. And I think the DCEU so far has done a really good job of demonstrating this.

They didn’t say “Superman doesn’t kill”, they asked themselves “What has to happen in order for Superman to kill?” and the answer they presented was, somebody just as strong as Superman has to be posing a clear and immediate danger to the entire human race. They didn’t say “Batman doesn’t kill”, they asked what had to happen to make him kill. Their answer was, his son has to die, his company has to be destroyed with dozens of his employees/friends have to die, and an alien with immeasurable power has to show up. So on and so forth.

Whether you want to admit it or not, this is really good writing. And it’s a really creative and nuanced way to freshen up century old characters. 

  • Marvel Comics: *makes something with [Old Classic Hero] and [New Diversity Hero], and treats [Old Classic Hero] like shit in it*
  • ME: Oh man, I love [New Diversity Hero], but they way Marvel is treating [Old Classic Hero] makes me sick, I don't want to support that. *doesn't buy the thing*
  • Marvel Comics: "See, people aren't buying out comics because they hate [New Diversity Hero], clearly [New Diversity Hero] is the problem."
  • Also Marvel: "We are not making any mistakes, anybody who criticizes us are clearly just old angry fanboys who don't like change."

Fuck me lets do this:

a) This emotionally scarred you but being killed and erased and yoru life stolen by Doc Ock…nada

b) This emotionally scarred you but we’re only gonna SAY that not show actual signs of it. Okay

c) All the shit he’s been through and this crap scars him? He was les emotionally scarred by seeing deformed clones of HIMSELF

d) “The things we do other people do not get…I mean yeah, except for my first wife. She got it and supported it even though she wasn’t one of us. She was pretty awesome like that. Also Jarvis and this guy Alfred from a place called Gotham city. My Aunt also got it when I had the decency to stop lying to her like I have been for years now for no discernable reason”

e) “We are both superheores. It is something we have in common. I think this means we should be attracted to one another even though I’ve had countless oppertunities to pursue romance and deep friendships with fellow superheroes before during my long career, which has included being an Avenger, and yet still obviously prefer hanging out with and dating normal people. Like even the one costumed girlfriend I ever had I broke up with because she was too into being a costumed person and wanted less to do with being normal like I wanted. In light of that its actually kind of stupid and out of character for me to even be entertaining the notion of us hooking up I suppose. Especially when you consider apart from both of us being heroes there is really very little we have in common and even less to our personal personalities which would compliment one another. I mean correct me if I am wrong but you pretty much spend most of your time on the job in some capacity as a SHIELD agent or a cop or something right? yeah…i’m not really into that at all. Hence I never tried dating a cop and dated just two women who were into science which is my biggest passion. one of those I didn’t even date because of the science love she had and the other I was kind of persuaded into dating by other people and didn’t give ashit about when we broke up, preferring to try and hook up with my old non-science girlfriend. So you’d think that having in common the mere fact we are both superheroes wouldn’t be an actual big attraction between us at all but I guess I’m being written like a jackass in this scene. Just like all the scenes before this one and probably all the scenes after it too”

f) Hi Aunt May, nice to see you are out of character in this scene too. I love how quickly you got over your husband dying.

g) I’m not even going to touch this scene: