dan sings songs


*One more version! This one with even less bass/Beast quality. It may go too high, but it strikes me as closest to the real singing voice because you can hear more of the natural imperfections. And I love it. Like the chorus just makes my heart all torn up and melty, and someone send help.*
So I saw the new Beauty and the Beast. And mostly…underwhelmed. Some scenes were fantastic, but the original is still my favorite. And the original Beast/Prince Adam are still my serious Disney love lol. But this song, Evermore? It is OUTSTANDING. I am almost moved to tears by the lyrics, and the chorus especially! Dan Stevens put so much of the Beast into this song, that it’s like…this amazingly clear moment into his feelings for her…And I’m gushing now. Someone help lol. But it gives me such Phantom of the Opera feels too. Gah, I don’t think I’ll ever be over this song.

things i love about game grumps

  • when dan laughs so hard he goes totally quiet
  • when arin laughs and he starts coughing afterwards
  • “ok……..real talk?” and then they go on to say some total bullshit
  • the high fives
  • when dan starts singing a song really loudly and then trails off
  • arin’s sick beatboxing
  • the songs/raps based on what theyre doing in the game
  • “i guess it’s just a jersey thing” and then it sometimes not being a jersey thing
  • the character names (see: itta pupu, buttlet, smeef, spiarmf, macaronigrille, slurmp)
  • when danny screams and he just goes “hhhHAAAAAAAAAAAAHH
  • arin burping directly into the microphone
  • “fuckin….start the episode over” / “RUN THE INTRO AGAIN”
  • one of them saying a joke and the other building on it and then going back and forth
  • when they get super close to the mic
  • danny laughing at his own jokes
  • not being able to start/finish a joke/story because they keep laughing 
  • the improv sessions
  • the impressions and silly voices 
  • when arin says/does something and danny says “stop” even though hes laughing
  • when they reference bits or jokes from an older series
  • callbacks in general
  • the podcast-y episodes
  • “hey, yknow what?” “whats that” “nnNEXT TIME ON GAME GRUMPS”
  • the list of favorite words (butler, headbutt, buttcheeks, dictator, cocktail)  
  • dan’s stories about his dad
  • them genuinely having a nice time together and laughing and having fun because theyre such good friends

feel free to add to this if u want


The phone camera buffers for a few seconds, then Arin’s face is enlarged once Dan presses the answer button. He smiles as soon as he hears the other man’s voice.

“Hey, miss me already? It hasn’t even been a day yet!” Arin teases. Dan sighed and pouted, making his boyfriend giggle and say “I’m just messing with you. I miss you too, dude.”

“I want to go back home, I want to be with you,” Dan whines, resting his head on the hotel room’s bed for a few moments.

“Are those my clothes? Did you steal my clothes?” He hears Arin ask. He turns a dark shade of red and nods.

“They-they smell like you. And they’re warm. Like you,” Dan retorts. Arin laughs once again.

“You’re fucking adorable, Dan.” Arin cooes. “I love you, baby.”

“Well…you’re stupid,” Dan yawns, then stretches out on the bed. “I’m so tired, dude, I can barely keep my eyes open.”

“Go to sleep, then. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”


A pause, and Dan lifts his head, only to see Arin looking like he’s contemplating something.

“Why not?” Arin finally asks. “You’re tired, sleepy time for you, now.”

“I can’t fall asleep without you.”

“You have a million times,” Arin responds, scratching his beard. He isn’t upset, it’s the complete opposite; Dan can hear amusement in his voice. It’s their regular banter, fake arguing mixed with sarcasm, and occasionally has a flirtatious tone mixed in.

“Yeah, but today is one of those days where I can’t sleep without you next to me,” Dan whispers.

“Put the phone next to you while you fall asleep, then.” Arin is laughing, and while it makes Dan feel giddy, it also tears his heart that he isn’t with his loved one at the moment.

“Hey,” he hears Arin call. His eyes have softened and his smirk is now replaced with a soft, loving smile. “Four more days!” Arin sing-songs.

Dan smiles to himself. Four more days until their one year anniversary.

“And,” Arin continues, “you’ll be back by then. We’ll go on a big, fancy date and marathon all the movies on our stupid little movie list.”

Dan closes his eyes and smiles as he imagines the silly scenario which would happen about a week from now. He opens his eyes to find Arin fiddling with a pen. Figures, he was probably doodling when Dan video called him.


“Yeah, baby?”

“Can you talk to me until I fall asleep?”

“Of course. Get comfy.”

Arin watches through the awkward angle the phone is placed in as Dan turns off the lights, then undos the sheets and crawls into them. Once he’s settled himself, he grabs the phone and places it next to him.

Arin begins talking about how lucky he is to have Dan in his life, and talks about how he wonders what the future has in store for them.

“We should get married,” Dan giggles, despite being 100 percent serious.

“We should,” Arin parrots. Dan can hear his boyfriend’s smile.

“We should…” Dan trails off, his mind beginning to wander off.

Arin keeps on talking, pretending as if he’s actually having a comversation with Dan in that moment, and once he realizes Dan had actually fallen asleep, he whispers goodnight.

“Love you, Danny. Love you so, so, so fucking much.”

Arin hangs up and grabs his computer. He opens up the browser and types in “Wedding Rings and Jewellers by me and smiles as he jots down several different places, eager to visit them tomorrow.

Miles away, Dan smiles as he dreams about Arin and his’ future together.


Have you guys forgotten about phil’s brother’s wife’s amazing voice and omnichord talents? (filmed in phan’s living room)


but remember

The Beast haunts these woods

AU → Dan and Phil + Over the Garden Wall

anonymous asked:

What were some of your fav things about this new video?

Oh my god! So many things! 
I abosolutely LOVE the first episode of them redoing Dil’s house and I ADORED this one. Mainly because I too love playing the Sims and decorating houses is all I live for. But anyway,

  • Their envision about the outdoor dining area, my heart! They want a cute pretty garden so bad!
  • Phil keeping his eye always on the money and Dan’s eye is always on the detail. THAT’S SO INTERESTING! I mean duh, Dan and his multi-thousand dollar wardrobe and Phil still springing shirts from Topman. But it’s still so funny and interesting to watch them bicker over their spendings. “Dan you are being ludicrous with our money!” That’s probably not the first time he’s said that to him either. 
  • The table to remind them of their first camping trip. “House full of memories!” These fucking saps.
  • “That’s how families fall out, ‘my brother’s got a bigger bedroom than me!’” I feel this on an emotional level because it’s so true
  • “If you want to add money to your house get a bleeding feature wall!”
  • The domestic argument about Phil getting irritated at Dan for singing the song that gets stuck in his head. My heart they’re so married
  • The argument about the metal floor im LIVING
  • The random doors are absolutely hideous but they were so excited about the children’s dinosaur door and the rainbow door so it’s okay :(
  • The whole living room bit though, and the cute little plants and them wanting stuff on the mantle ugh, I felt like they were recreating their own house in a way
  • Them wanting to make Dil and Tabitha’s bedroom relaxing because they’re a cute old married couple, sounds like someone else I know… 
  • Dan wanting to turn Dil into an evil scientist makes me SO HAPPY! YES USE YOUR POWER FOR EVIL! 
  • “What’s the most annoying thing about the house?” “Everything, all the rooms are awful” YOU KEEPING IT REAL PHIL 
  • Them getting excited about automatic investments oh my GOD THEY’RE SO DISGUSTINGLY CUTE AND BORING
  • And the domestic argument about the purple pool. I love Phil’s mind and how the way he wins over Dan in the slightest of ways it’s incredible. 

Honestly I wasn’t expecting to make this long of a list but it’s easily one of my new favorites. I love the fact of them decorating a house and envisioning things because it makes it feel like they’re not playing a game they’re just communicating on their likes and dislikes. 

Overall 10/10 would watch again. 

So I heard my upstairs neighbor singing

I’m sitting on my porch and I hear this rlly good singing and then I realized that it was coming from my upstairs neighbor and this is exciting af for me cause literally nothing happens ever. So I grab some paper and write down a bunch of song requests then knocked on her door and left the paper there. Like 1 minute after being back in my apartment, I hear her yell “I’m sorry, I dont know any of these songs,” an DO just yell, “yOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM THEY’RE LIT.” I feel like this is the beginning of a friendship :,)